THIS Is The Future I Want

Google’s “Project Glass.”

Don’t know if the reality will live up to the hype in this video, but … I’ve had dreams about something like this. I’m so getting a set of these when they come out.

Also: Won’t it be fun to virtually tag churches with atheist comments? So when you — or your friends subscribed to your comments — walk around town, you all get these friendly little warnings.

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  • leftwingfox

    A relative of mine is an Augmented Reality researcher, so I’m sure he’s incredibly pumped about this. They’ve been using iPhones and iPads for their tech; having glasses this portable is something of a holy grail.

    You can even project 2d OR 3d objects into a real space like that with a simple tracking image (a box resembling one of those QR codes): instead of all the messages floating in your vision, they can be fixed to physical objects in the real world viewed through the glasses.

    One AR feature they missed with that band poster that would be very doable with today’s technology: You could add a QR code to the poster which includes the URL for a video stream. The device could then stream that video, and use the QR code as a 3d reference tracker, allowing the video to be projected over the poster in real time.

    Anyone looking at a photocopied poster could see the picture of the band come to life and play a sample of their music.

  • ‘Tis Himself

    THIS Is The Future I Want

    You want to learn to play the ukelele badly?

  • Martin

    Watch the anime “Denno Coil”: “…depicts a near future where semi-immersive augmented reality (AR) technology has just begun to enter the mainstream.” (Wikipedia)

    Perhaps you won’t be so eager.

    • leftwingfox

      Watching, but as far as practical consequences of widespread AR, it’s somewhere between .hack/sign and Digimon.

      A much more accurate take would be Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, which does a LOT of well-thought AR implementations. The big difference, of course, being that you can take off the glasses, you can’t take off a cyber-brain.

  • Trebuchet

    I actually want Google to know everything I’m seeing and doing almost as little as I want Microsoft or Apple doing that!

  • sailor1031

    I foresee a great increase in the number of pedestrians killed by trucks and buses. Actually I think it would be exhausting to try to keep up with this technology for very long with the constant bombardment……maybe fascinating for the first little while but eventually another myspace. The terrifying thought is “what comes after this?”

    • Hank Fox

      You may be right about pedestrian deaths.

      As to exhausting, I think we’d get used to it pretty quickly. What’s easier than seeing? Might take a while to tune the feed, or learn to ignore it, so it works best for you.

      One of the uses I’m excited about is video recording in crime prevention — including those done by cops and public officials. “Eyewitness” will take on a whole new meaning.

      I’ve had a gadget in mind for years that I’d like to have — a head-mounted device that includes binoculars and shotgun mikes with sound amplification and filtering, so you could hear and see at greater distance in the woods (or, yes, the city).

      This thing is sort of close to my idea.

  • Steinar

    My first thought was the plots in Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex. They cover a pretty good selection of paranoid scenarios. My second thought was ”Err… Google’s business model is already selling your eyeballs to advertisers.”

    Augmented reality combined with advertising could make the advertising strategies in the movie version of Minority Report a happy fun utopia in comparison.

    (Third: No, it is not easy to see. Navigating a city, either by foot or wheels, is a mentally taxing task, you have to constantly filter between unimportant information that is designed to catch your attention, e.g. billboards, and very important information that is hard to see, e.g. a high speed biker. It so hard, that in a study where test subjects were simply shown _pictures_ of city streets, their mental acuity scores were decreased and their stress level increased.)

  • fastlane
    (hope it doesn’t auto-embed.)

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