Celebrate, We Must. Yes.

PZ sits on the Tentacled Throne

According to the Wikipedia article on PZ Myers, “Pharyngula.org was started on June 19, 2002.”

Surely that means there will be some sort of celebration — on or about June 19, 2012 — in honor of a full DECADE of delightful and curmudgeonly atheist blogging? (Few will remember that PZ’s entire first year was devoted mostly to talk of squid sex.)

I’m thinking backyard barbecue. Liquor should be involved.

  • http://nigelthebold.com/ nigelTheBold, who sings like a needle to the ear

    Liquor should be involved.

    Isn’t that some kind of motto? Perhaps a tag-line. “Pharyngula. Liquor should be involved.”

  • Stacy

    I’ll bring the calamari.

    (I kid! I kid.)

    • Johnny Vector

      MMmmm, these onion rings are delicious!

      Wait a minute. Those aren’t onion rings!!!

  • http://www.electricminstrel.com Brett McCoy

    Excellent. I’ll be in Florida on vacation, hopefully full of beer and some sort of cooked seafood.

  • saguhh00

    Very Cthulhu-esque, as it should be. I’ll have a barbecue here in Brazil.

  • MG Myers

    Wow! Ten years. I didn’t realize PZ had been blogging for that long.

    The snow has melted in Minnesota, so it is definitely barbecue weather!

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