In Which I Brag on My Friend … Again

If you’re in the biological sciences and expect at some point to get published, here’s someone you should know: Carl Buell.

He’s done heaps of illustrations for science author Carl Zimmer as well as cover and interior illos for countless other books and magazines. He has pieces in museums all over the world, and has designed blog headers for PZ Myers, Chris Clarke and a number of others. (And I’ve probably written about him before, but he’s just one of those cool people you can’t say enough good stuff about.)

Anyway, this article just came out on the CBS website: UBC, U.S. scientists identify organ that helps whales gulp up prey, with an illustration of a rorqual jaw showing the organ in question. Credit: Carl Buell.

Carl has a couple of enviable things about him. The artistic talent, of course. But also, the field he works in, he gets to work with biologists and paleontologists from all over the world. And damn, wouldn’t that be fun? I mean, holding an extended dialogue with the guy digging up the fossilized remains of some newly discovered ancestral whale, and then recreating the thing digitally? Whoa.

The one bad thing I can say about him is that he’s friends with me, which sort of throws his judgment into doubt, right there. But to make it worse, he also picked me as a roommate — he allowed me to live in his basement when I had my financial meltdown, and now shares an apartment with me. (And yes, I get to watch him work sometimes, as he turns a blank screen into a beautiful ancient landscape, complete with romping prehistoric critters!)

Also, all you rich ladies: He’s straight, and available.  One thing, though — if he invites you up to his artist’s loft “to show you his etchings,” and you’re all fluttery with anticipation …

For the first hour or two, you’re going to end up really looking at etchings.



BTW: He also sells prints of his work. Give him a shout through his Facebook page.

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  • geocatherder

    ROFL! Being a scientist but having wannnabe artist pretensions myself from time to time (though currently I work in beads), I SO admire skilled illustrators… and Carl is at the top of my list. Carl has done some amazing stuff; in fact, I suspect he does amazing stuff every day. Go Carl!

  • Art

    Straight, well-groomed, fairly good looking guy … with work … and prospects, no debilitating addictions (I assume he isn’t a mean drunk or junkie), not wanted by police for treason or crimes against nature … he should have women lined up around the block.

  • dankulkosky

    I admire anyone who can do something I can’t, and I can’t even draw stick figures consistently. So kudos to your friend.

    And . . . humans have fused right and left jaws? I’ve lived my whole life until now without knowing that. When did they become fused? Any brilliant people out there? There must be plenty reading this blog.

  • Crudely Wrott

    Carl Buell has my respect and admiration. In addition to his knowledge and artistic ability he is a kind and gentle man. One time several years ago he responded thoughtfully to a comment I had posted on his blog.
    I am so happy that he is still doing the amazing things that he does.
    Not that it matters very much but he and I have the same first RL name, which is sort of an identity connection between us that pleases me.

  • MG Myers

    I really enjoyed reading Carl’s blog, Olduvai George, and looked forward to the truly amazing images. Is there any chance he will revive it?

  • c2t2

    Great. Where does he live? I’d love to see his etchings*. He doesn’t mind a blond atheist in her twenties, right?

    *And by that I mean artwork. I can geek out about the dire wolf all day.

    • c2t2

      Dang it, I can’t figure out a way to edit my comment. Oh well.

      I see you specified ‘rich’ ladies, so I’ll have to cancel my etching tour. Alas.

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