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Jesus and Marlboro

The difference between religion and atheism, for me, is like the difference between being a smoker and a non-smoker. Me personally, I’m not just a non-smoker, I’m an anti-smoker. It’s not just that I don’t smoke, it’s a couple of other things:

First, I don’t smoke. But also: I don’t want people smoking near me so that I have to breathe it. At all. Ever.

But also-also, I don’t want THEM smoking. Not around me, not around innocent bystanders, not around their kids.

Certainly I can’t stop people smoking in private; I don’t think I have the right. But the message that smoking is stupid, that smokers are victims of decades of merciless corporate advertising and mental control, that smoking has some ugly financial, socio-economic, physical and emotional side effects on the smoker and his/her family, and some negative environmental and societal effects in the smoker’s society and world, and that because of all this, it’s intelligent and reasonable NOT to do it – I want that message out there loud and clear. I want the default social meme about smoking to be that you don’t smoke, and that to take up smoking you have to make some rather silly, juvenile decisions.

I want it to be the case that the big companies that sell cigarettes not only get no tax breaks for it, but pay something of a penalty for the damage done to the victims.

My view of religion is just like that.

When you think about it, no-religion zones – like say in courthouses, schools, etc. – are no different than non-smoking areas. Nobody’s saying people don’t have a right to religion. We just want to protect ourselves, our government, our kids, from the secondhand smoke. Considering that goddy people have “designated godding areas” – scores of them, hundreds of them, if you live in any sizable city (and even if you don’t, there’s still likely one within walking distance of your house), plus, you know, every other public and private place, it’s not like anybody’s getting denied their gods-given rights.


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  • Jim Baerg

    Brilliant analogy

  • http://raisinghellions.wordpress.com/ Lou Doench

    Dammit Hank… between you and Al I’m craving a cigarette like crazy (the addiction can do shit like that to you.)

  • Dorothy

    Contributed $ while reading, just now.
    I agree with you about cigarettes. I started smoking when I was 15, mostly in ‘self defence’ – both parents smoked. That was 1956 for the curious.
    I finally got off the weed in 1988 – my final of several tries. I have been told, and rather agree, that there is something in tobacco that specifically addicts the young. I suspect the medical community knew about this that far back.
    When I say ‘off the weed’ that means that I am wearing an invisible bracelet – like a medic alert, that says “this is an addict, do not feed nicotine”. I am aware that only one cigarette will start the addiction up all over again.

  • EcksLibris

    This. Is. Awesome.

    Best way I’ve heard of explaining the rationale behind being not just an atheist, but an antitheist.