Sexual Harassment: FtBers Hang Out on Google Hangout

You’ll probably see this all over Freethought Blogs, but …

Big news these days is the subject of policies addressing harassment, sexual and otherwise, at atheist/freethought conventions. In this Google Hangout video, Freethought bloggers discuss a controversy surrounding TAM, The Amazing Meeting.

  • ‘Tis Himself

    An interesting conversation. I was particularly taken by Dan Fincke’s comment that atheists need to emphasize our morals because all too often we’re seen as being immoral.

  • SallyStrange: bottom-feeding, work-shy peasant


    Morals? No, more than that: an entire worldview. In essence, a compelling narrative. We are the storytelling apes, after all.

  • embertine

    A Pratchett fistbump for you, Sally, my fellow Pan narrans.

  • Tiffani Di Givanni

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