Freezing Their Bear Asses Off

 This was the scene at about 7 a.m. today, Eastern time, on the Brown Bear and Salmon Cam broadcast from Brooks Falls, Alaska.

In case it’s escaped you, I love bears with a passion. My feeling for bears is almost as great as PZ Myers’ unnatural fixation on squiddy things.

(I had my own “yard bears,” back when I lived in my little California mountain town, and they had names — Mr. Bear and Jenny Black.)

And yes, in case you’re unaware of it, this stream is COLD. Bear fur is probably a great insulator, but not when it’s wet. These bears are Totally Cool in both senses of the phrase.

Go there right now and watch them for a few minutes.


Well, pooh. The pic is kinda coming and going. Might be that their server’s getting slammed by too many visitors.


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