Freezing Their Bear Asses Off

 This was the scene at about 7 a.m. today, Eastern time, on the Brown Bear and Salmon Cam broadcast from Brooks Falls, Alaska.

In case it’s escaped you, I love bears with a passion. My feeling for bears is almost as great as PZ Myers’ unnatural fixation on squiddy things.

(I had my own “yard bears,” back when I lived in my little California mountain town, and they had names — Mr. Bear and Jenny Black.)

And yes, in case you’re unaware of it, this stream is COLD. Bear fur is probably a great insulator, but not when it’s wet. These bears are Totally Cool in both senses of the phrase.

Go there right now and watch them for a few minutes.


Well, pooh. The pic is kinda coming and going. Might be that their server’s getting slammed by too many visitors.


  • Randomfactor

    Hank, you’ll probably enjoy this…if you can play Facebook videos.

  • Randomfactor
  • Yellowsubmarine

    I also love bears. Yay bears! Poor cold bear asses :(

  • busterggi

    Holy cow, look at all the mammoths!

  • Crudely Wrott

    I have some memories of Yellowstone back when the bears hung out by the road and tourists would feed them junk food. Late fifties. One stands out.

    A stationwagon was stopped and the Mom (Dad, Buddy and Sis were still seated) was leaning in over the tailgate rummaging for something. A two year old brownie ambled up and leaned in beside her. There was an endless moment while she continued to rummage and the bear just looked on, practically rubbing shoulders with the woman.

    Then the Mom stopped and visibly tensed. She turned her head. It was nose to nose. She levitated, it seemed, all the way to the front seat, squealing loudly. The bear, startled, recoiled as the Dad lit up the back tires.

    Last I saw of the stationwagon it was accelerating rapidly, slinging gravel as camping gear spilled out the back, and the Mom’s shrieks diminished in the distance.

    Truly a moment of natural comedy.

    I do truly miss them days.

    • F

      Awesome. I lol’d. I’m still lol-ing uncontrollably.

  • Shplane

    I officially decided a while back that all my future Facebook profile pics would be bears. Because fuck yeah bears.

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