Proof: Six Percent of Us Would Kill

  • Pyra

    That was great!

  • geocatherder

    Going out of your way to squish a poor critter by the side of the road is just creepy!

  • M Walton

    I almost got hit by a car that was aiming for a tortoise in the road in south Austin. He hit the tortoise but missed me. It wasn’t dead so I put it off the road and next to a creek. I doubt it survived.

    My brother was almost hit once in Corpus Christi when he was maybe 10 by a car that swerved onto the shoulder of the road to run over our family dog. Fucking lowlife bastards.

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  • wilsim

    Watching people swerve to hit something on the shoulder of the road is disheartening and, truth be told, scary indeed.

    What percentage of the general population are estimated to be sociopaths?