Um. I Have My First Troll. I Think.

Apparently I have acquired a troll. A nice conservative fellow who describes himself:

A 77 year old Pro Iraq War Agnostic Atheist Activist, 101st Airborne Vet and a former member of management in some of Top American 500 corporations.

Also ‘formally’ a Fire Walking, Deep Sea – Scuba Diving, Paratrooping, Bungee Jumping, Spelunking, 1 & 3 Meter Spring Board Diving, Partying & Dancing, Rock Climbing, River Rapid Running, Expert Shooting, Life Saving, Body Surfing and Beach VolleyBall Playing Son of a Beach.

Still a Truth Telling, Women Chasing (92 times Catching) Iconoclastic, Philosophizing, Crime Stopping, & a “Barking” Grumpy Old “Son Of A Beach.”

I’m intrigued by the fact “Neil C. Reinhardt” is here commenting (Short Stack # 15 — Mitt Romney), defending Mitt Romney and lambasting Obama, but I also actually kinda feel for the guy.

Just that tagline alone (above) is decidedly odd, not only in what it says (“Fire Walking”??) but the fact that it exists at all. The rest of what he says, the comment itself … well.

I’m torn between …

1) respecting him enough to take what he says seriously and responding to it with all the humor and vigorous disagreement it deserves, and

2) taking note of the nature of his comments AND his stated age and compassionately (and, unavoidably, insultingly) concluding I’m seeing him … not at his best.

What the hell does one do in such case?

I guess, in my case, these three things:

First, I’m telling you, my readers. It seems to me his comment is fair game, at least this much: He’s making apparently serious statements regarding an issue, politics, which does matter to the American public, and making them here in this sort-of-public place. Considering the content of which, it is also humorous.

Second, I’m asking you not to reply to or engage him in debate. Here, anyway. See #2 above.

Third, a personal note to the commenter himself: Neil, seriously, please consider not doing this.

For more, here’s Neil himself:

Torture in Desperate Circumstances

No Surprise: American Troops Love the New XM25 Grenade Launcher…

And here’s some stuff about Neil:

Nutball Alert: Atheist Neil C. Reinhardt

Getting Skeptical About Woo Juice Part 1


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