You Sleigh Me

In fond memory of cooler days, here’s a pic from back when I drove sleighs and haywagons for a living.

That’s me on the driver’s seat. Up front are my coal black Percheron draft horses, Esther and Jim, both close to a ton in weight. Running alongside is my German shepherd best friend, Ranger the Valiant Warrior.

This was the early 1990s, and I was already happily godless.


  • Markita Lynda—damn climate change!

    I must say, that looks cool–in both senses of the word.

  • geocatherder

    Why do all the people in the sleigh look like they’re wearing burkas? Is it just the lighting?

    • Hank Fox

      At 8,000 feet and in the depths of winter, it could be damned cold there, even on a sunny day. The people are all wearing thick coats, wooly caps or head coverings, and probably gloves.

      BTW: Here’s another look at that great dog.

  • Alethea H. “Crocoduck” Dundee

    Looks more like hijab than burka; I see faces. And I would assume that it’s COLD, so scarves and hats make sense.

  • Paige Kathan

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