And can anyone tell me …

Why has my old post Calvin &  Hobbes Epilog — Extra Bacon!, from July 22, gotten so many hits today?

My stats page has it about equally popular with my two recent Beta Culture posts. Where are all these people coming from? How are they finding this more-than-a-month-old post?

An epilog to Calvin and Hobbes is definitely worth looking at, but hey … I’m tryna change dah woild heah! Show some respect.

  • StevoR

    Well, I’ve clicked the FTB recent posts link to this “And can anyone tell me?” thread and so, ironically enough, I can’t.

    But cheers for that!

  • Anonymous Atheist

    Looks like it’s probably because of people who saw one of the comics show up on Reddit unsourced, and searched for more info, finding your post that collects the four links to be near the top of the search results for ‘hobbes bacon’. (1 day ago)

  • Anonymous Atheist

    PS: Have you seen this Hobbes & Bacon fan Facebook page, which has been collecting more Calvin & Hobbes fan homages?

  • Ronald

    An image from the comic was also used unsourced on this article on Buzzfeed:

    It’s had about 300k hits in the last few days.

    • Anonymous Atheist

      (“11. Here’s a picture of Calvin all grown up with a child, saying goodbye to his old playmate.”)

      The image used there isn’t from Hobbes & Bacon, it predates it (and there’s nothing there that could’ve prompted people to search for Hobbes & Bacon, unless it’s a mention buried deep in the comments). The art is a different style.

      The Hobbes & Bacon artist commented on the Facebook page I linked to above on May 19, 2011 that this image was actually an inspiration for Hobbes & Bacon, but it seems nobody knows where it first came from. I found examples of it popping up dated back to at least 2008, all unidentified.

      Also, to clarify, that same non-H&B image is the original post that started that Reddit link I posted; the actual Hobbes & Bacon image is the link in the top-voted comment on it.

    • c2t2

      Or for the love of… did you have to post that link?

      Well, now that I’m all sniffly, can I brag that I was dry-eyed until #10? Although I cheated by not watching the video clips (Jurassic Bark traumatized me quite enough the first time I saw it).

      Excuse me while I go wash my face.

  • TB at BlueCollarWorkman

    lol, who knows. THe internet is a crazy place. I had a post about Disney World awhile back and that post still gets lots of hits from the search term “disney is hiding things”. I think people don’t trust that overgrown mouse very much — I just had no idea how many people felt that way, lol. I dont’ know why you’ve been getting more hits for the C&H post, but hey, I’d take it!

  • Randomfactor

    If I can’t have Bacon (and Hobbes) I won’t dance at your revolution.

  • soul_biscuit

    The notion that anyone would name their child “Bacon” all but ruined what otherwise was a pretty fun homage. I mean come on, “Bacon?” Whence this idea that bacon is inherently funny?

    As I wrote the above paragraph I just realized it might refer to Francis Bacon, the way that John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes inspired the original characters’ names. But Watterson had a reason for choosing those names; did something similar inspire the people behind Bacon? Or is it just the idea that bacon is funny for some reason?

    • Hank Fox

      The Calvin I know would definitely name his kid Bacon.

      Besides, maybe Bacon is her middle name: Frances Bacon [Calvin'sLastName].

  • Fictional Being

    I’m assuming the google overlords had something to do with it. I found it when I googled “Hobbes and Bacon” and by the way, thank you for not only producing the 4 links, but explaining what they were and why there are only 4. That said, I may never look at another post of yours again. Not being rude, that’s just the way the interwebs work. Peace.

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