I’m Away for a Day or So

I’m turning 60 on Thursday.

I’ve been planning to go on a whale-watching tour near Boston, but a surprising number of obstacles have fallen in my way. I still MIGHT get to do it, but I have to wake up at 5 a.m., rent a car and drive for about 4.5 hours to get there. After the whale tour (several hours, I imagine), I’ll most likely be driving for another 4.5 hours to get home and sleep in my own bed.

Argh. Pretty arduous 60th birthday. But still … whales!

When I get back, I have a lot more good stuff to post about Beta Culture. (And maybe some whale pictures.)

Beta Culture: Earthman’s Journey – Part 5 of 8
Looking Past the Bright Sun of Crazy
Susan K. Perry Reviews My Book!
Zoning Out on Liberal vs. Conservative Issues
  • machintelligence

    Whales are definitely awesome. My family and I saw them off Vancouver Island, where we went out in a hard bottom Zodiac boat. We had to wear cold water survival suits in case the whales got frisky and came up under the boat. That didn’t happen, and we were never close enough to touch one, but we could smell their breath. It was one of the more memorable trips of my life.

  • http://www.besthotseller.com hotsellwork

    Love this blog very helpful I adding this to my favorite so I can refer to it once I finish my AFF .Will see if my coaches use this too thank you

  • http://nigelthebold.com/ nigelTheBold, Venomous Demonic Hater

    Happy Birthday. May your days be limitless, and your evenings without number. Also, may it all be joyful, and filled with fine food and excellent wine (or beer, or water, or whatever you prefer).

    Mostly: have fun.

  • Kilian Hekhuis

    Happy birthday Hank!

  • http://twitter.com/#!/VeritasKnight VeritasKnight

    Happy birthday, Hank!

  • janice in toronto

    Happy Birthday!

    I had my 60th just a couple of months ago. Weird feeling, isn’t it? You should be quite proud of getting to 60 in the first place. We’re survivors!

    I ride a motorcycle, it keeps me young. You might want to try it.

  • Randomfactor

    Happy 60th. Let us know what it’s like…some of us may be there in a few years.

  • WanderingAngela

    Happy birthday, Hank! No other blogger’s words bring tears to my eyes as often as yours. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. I’ll go back to lurking now. :)

  • No Light

    Happy Birthday Hank!
    And many more.

  • http://niftyatheist.blogspot.com/ niftyatheist, perpetually threadrupt

    Happy Birthday, Hank! Wishing you a wonderful day – I hope you are out whale-watching right now! Many many more happy birthdays to you!

  • http://kriswager.blogspot.com Kristjan Wager

    Happy birthday!

  • maureen.brian

    Happy Birthday, Hank!

  • newfie
  • Beatrice

    Happy birthday, Hank!

  • http://www.stephentapply.com Stephen T

    Parabens from Brasil ;)

  • http://www.improbablejoe.blogspot.com Improbable Joe

    Happy birthday, from one blue-collar atheist to another.

  • http://needleprovocateur.wordpress.com/ Caine, Fleur du mal

    Happy Whales to you, Hank! Many happy returns.

  • http://sciencenotes.wordpress.com/ Markita Lynda—damn climate change!

    Happy birthday, youngster! And what NigelTheBold said.

    I’ve never seen whales outside of an aquarium. I hope you see yours!

  • Sheila G

    Happy Birthday, Hank! Hope the whale watching works out; I’ve done it once, in Nova Scotia a few years ago, and it was awesome. Well worth the money, time, and effort. Always enjoy your blog!

  • http://haphazardhermit.blogspot.com/ michaeld

    Happy Birthday to us!^.^

  • Bjarni

    Happy Birthday Hank!

  • kagekiri

    Happy birthday, Hank, and thanks for your writing! It is remarkably insightful and eminently readable. Keep living long and well : ]

  • http://nigelthebold.com/ nigelTheBold, Venomous Demonic Hater

    Happy Birthday, Hank. May the future bring peace, happiness, and the grandest adventures.

  • MG Myers

    Happy Birthday, Hank!

    Thanks for writing all those thought-provoking posts!

  • magistramarla

    Happy Birthday, Hank!
    I just celebrated mine on Monday. I’m 55.
    I spent mine on the pier at Santa Cruz, and we were watching sea lions and sea otters.
    We’ve been on whale watching tours in the Monterey Bay.
    We saw twelve of them a couple of years ago, and got really lucky when one breached right next to our boat.
    I hope that you had a great adventure.

  • bad Jim

    I’ve been 60 for about a year, and I’ll never look at myself the same way again. I shaved my beard and was shocked to see what a sourpuss I looked like without the fuzz. All was well after a few weeks of avoiding razors and mirrors.

    Happy birthday. We love you.

  • http://faultline.org Chris Clarke

    Happy 60 from two of us here in Joshua Tree, old friend! (I didn’t ask the cat.)

  • rickschauer

    Happy Birthday, Hank!

    -Toast and Cheers-


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