Sorry, Way Too Busy to Blog

I just started a new class today, and I was studying hard for almost half of it. I know you’ll understand the sometimes exhausting demands of higher education.

Official school picture below the fold (click to embiggen):


Just an afternoon hike at the Plotterkill Preserve, near where I live in Upstate New York.

Picture by illustrator and friend Carl Buell.

  • Physicalist

    Much nicer than my philosophy classroom.

  • Rodney Nelson

    I’d sign up for that class in an instant.

  • Justin Griffith
  • c2t2…

    Well played!

  • StevoR

    Sorry, Way Too Busy to Blog

    That sentence contradicts itself and poses a philosophical dilemma you know!

    • StevoR

      Well maybe not the sentence itself so much as the fact that it is the title of a blog post here! oops. (Smacks blushing forehead)

  • Donovan

    Makes me feel guilty. Studying stream ecology, that has been – and will be again – my classroom.

    Also jealous. That looks like a beautiful spot.

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