Tin Ear for Jesus, Black Eye for Xtianity

No, my objection to JesusWeen isn’t the name.

Although, dayyum, it does sorta grate on the ears, doesn’t it? JesusWEEN. Jesus Weenie.

It just sounds so silly — something thought up by one of those Christian-nerdy people who are tone deaf to common social nuance because they live in this weird little cloistered bastion of religiosity. 

JesusWin is a global initiative to ensure non-Christians receive educational materials about Jesus. Many people have a wrong opinion of who Jesus is and we continue to encourage and work with churches and thousands of Christians to give out tracts, bibles and other Christian gifts. Since 2002 over a million Christian gifts have been given to neighbours, strangers and friends on October 31st. JesusWin is also known as JesusWeen and continues to get popular in the United States, Canada, UK, Africa and Brazil.

My objection is … Well, heck, it just goes against the spirit of the holiday, doesn’t it? I mean, giving BIBLES to trick-or-treaters when they come to your house expecting candy, or at least a good healthy apple?

Hey, I realize Christians are scandalized by this blatantly Satanic event. You know, with all the witches and demons coming to their doors, the open mocking of Christ Jesus, the casting of hellish spells to drag the souls of the children into the Sulfurous Pit. Not to mention the open fornication. But now …

Christians will not have to hide during Halloween, instead they will share God’s love by giving others a gift.

But then again, I remember the happy Halloweens my brothers and I participated in, the wonderful times we spent running through the neighborhood dressed as ghosts and hobos and pirates, filling bags of candy, and then going home to enjoy it. Taking some to school to share with friends. Talk about a holiday made for kids! Even the scary bits were fun.

But to turn all that on its head by giving kids Bibles? Even at 5 years old, I would have walked away from the guy who did that thinking the 5-year-old equivalent of “Jeez, what an asshole.” Probably would have made me an atheist even sooner.

Um …

Come to think of it, I have no objections to JesusWeen.

"Best to you, Mr. Fox, and for your efforts."

Goodbye Patheos—Hank Fox Bows Out
"All the best, Hank! Your thoughts and words have always given me something to ponder."

Goodbye Patheos—Hank Fox Bows Out

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