Slight Damper on the Obama Victory

One of my old Texas friends sent me an email last night, titled “A Touch of Real Class,” showing 18 pictures of George W. Bush mixing and mugging with uniformed soldiers arriving at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. It ends with “And, tell me once again the name of the person in the White House who bad-mouths this man and his wife.” Jeezus.

(Inside scoop: I picked this photo out of all the others because of the young man’s crooked smile. I fancy it says “Yeah, yeah, I’m smiling on that side because my folks asked me to pose with the former Commander-in-Creep, but on THIS side I’m all ‘Dayyum, this dude makes my skin crawl!’ “)

You know, I’m overjoyed that Barack Obama won. On the other hand, THE LIES WORKED. They may not have worked enough, in this instance, but they worked, and they continue to work. My friends in Texas respect and even admire Bush. I have no doubt they voted for Romney, and consider Obama a Muslim and communist.

Fox News and the spitting, lying, right-wing talking heads are a cancer in the heart of America. We came close to having Mitt Romney as president because of them. But don’t ever think THEY have lost because Mitt Romney has. Somewhere behind the sad public face, they’re sitting back with cigars and cognac, envisioning the next few years.

We celebrate because our team won this one game. And yes, let’s do that. Because, hey, we DID win this one!

Booyah! Yes! Yes! Yes! Barack Obama is still the President! Kiss my naked hairy ass, Mitt, and don’t spare the tongue action!

But THEY celebrate because it’s just one more game in an entire season, and — having seen our strategy and best plays — they’re that much closer to winning the playoffs. Plus, their own fans, however dispirited for the moment, will be even more pumped up for future games.

Mitt’s loss of this presidential race will shore up viewership among the paranoid, frightened, angry sheep who watch and listen to them. They will continue to build on their success, feeding lies and conspiracies to their viewers and listeners, stirring up opposition and confusion, fear and anger, indefinitely into the future.

They’re doing it for the money and influence, and they’re not losing THAT game. So they have no reason to rest.

The battle goes on.

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  • Nathaniel Frein


    I was reading this in class. When I got to the big bolded bit, I couldn’t help but just bust out laughing.

  • docsarvis

    I thought you picked this photo because of the goofy look on Shrub’s face.

  • Kevin

    Mitt said that he and his wife had “left it all on the field” in this campaign.

    Except for the hundreds of millions of dollars stashed away in foreign bank accounts, of course.

  • TB at BlueCollarWorkman

    Pfft. How nice that he got all huggy with the young dudes that he sent off to get shot at. I’m suprised that kid could even get out a lopsided smile. I’d have only been able to muster a throat punch. Obama ended the Iraq war which I’m glad about, and I’m glad about the election. Bush should go back to his ranch and leave the survivors of his war alone.

  • naturalcynic

    I thought you picked this photo because of the goofy look on Shrub’s face.

    How do you find one without a goofy look?

    Except for the hundreds of millions of dollars stashed away in foreign bank accounts, of course.

    Like any good predatory capitalist, he only loses his investor’s money, not his own. Feel vindicated, Sheldon and Koch boys???
    Frankly, THAT is the best outcome from yesterday.

  • Brian M

    One important aspect-to a certain extent, “they” won this election, too. With 100% of the vote, because there is no fundamental choice.* Look at the people in charge of the economy during the Obama Administration. Look at the lack of prosecutions for financial crimes.

    “Their” arrogance is such that they expect us and their purchased politicians to not only given them what they want but to worship them, so hence some movement away from Obama, but…overall…They won.

    *Not denying the value of cultural and social victories or the pure crazyness of the Christian Fascist moverment in this country.

  • F

    Oh, I get email like that. It makes me rage.

    Yeah, that’s class. Dragging your ass out for photo ops with soldiers. Way to be, Fearless Flightsuit.

  • magistramarla

    I’ve also lived in Texas. My son-in-law is a true Texas redneck and is active duty Air Force. He and his redneck buddies wrote awful things about Obama on their facebook pages. I was frankly amused to see this kid who only passed his senior year of high school by doing credit retrieval calling the President and former editor of the Harvard Law review an idiot.
    It got so bad that my husband, who is a fairly high-ranking AF officer, got onto the kid’s facebook and reminded him that he was talking shit about his commander-in-chief in a public forum. That shut him up for a while. (No, we’re not proud of our youngest daughter’s choice in men.)
    Our son, who was one of the first Marines to enter Iraq, had also bought into the right-wing scenario that he learned in the military. This summer, he married a beautiful young Mexican lady and they now have a baby on the way. As they navigate the red tape of getting citizenship for her, and he is concerned about her brothers, who will both qualify for the DREAM ACT, he now has a totally different outlook on politics. He told me that he and his bride watched the election nervously and were relieved that President Obama won.
    Not every military member is republican (My husband is as liberal as they come), but unfortunately, too many are.

    • tonyjay

      It is refreshing to read your thoughts and to know of your husband’s liberal beliefs. I too (ex army) am liberal in all areas of my life and I try to be guided by good humanist “rules of behavior” but I must admit the ire rises within me whenever I see The Shrub. I never could understand how you all voted him in the second time: Once could be a mistake but twice? When you knew about the cheating in Florida? When you had had four years of global embarrassment?

      As to the young soldier in the photo: he is obviously very uncomfortable and should be congratulated for not striking the weirdo drunk leaning on his shoulder. Bizarrely, his mother(?) appears quite pleased.

      I was worried through the recent campaign because I could see no reason for any “ordinary” Americans to vote for Romney other than to prevent Obama: the false smile, the ridiculous empty speeches, who would even use a name like Mitt? Was it a euphemism for glove (puppet). It was good to see half of the voters could see through the trickery. Well done USA. Regards from UK

  • Buzz Saw

    Mitt’s loss of this presidential race will shore up viewership among the paranoid, frightened, angry sheep who watch and listen to them. They will continue to build on their success, feeding lies and conspiracies to their viewers and listeners, stirring up opposition and confusion, fear and anger, indefinitely into the future.

    I’m not so convinced. I think “they” (being the people who serve up the lies, not those who have been buying into the lies) are starting to realize that the sheep don’t make up enough of the electorate anymore. And they know that share of the electorate is going to continue to shrink. Which means “indefinitely” may not be much longer (I’d say 8 years, tops). They are going to have to at least tweak their strategy. Somehow. In a way that pleases the sheep, yet attracts some non-sheep as well.

    • magistramarla

      Buzz Saw,
      I don’t know about that. I think that they have doubled down, at least to some of their audiences. The SOL, and now even my daughter, are spouting all kinds or right-wing speaking points. They are very, very afraid that President Obama’s re-election will mean horrible things for their lives as a military family. I think that the right-wing media is working extra-hard to make our most gullible military members – the enlisted – believe their lies. They are probably doing the same among the religious right.
      I don’t care about the religious wing-nuts, but I think that the President and VP need to work hard to counter-act this in the ranks of the military.

  • barfy

    Kiss my naked hairy ass, Fox, and don’t spare the tongue action!

    Obama is a bad president. Romney would have been a worse one. That’s all you can claim. So, just why are you so excited?

    It’s funny to me to watch FTB claim “we DID win this one!” with virtually no idea of why your figurative cocks are hard (I allow myself this sexist visual because your hairy ass comment is uninspired tripe and with it, you’ve set the tone.)

    Guantanamo is still open. We are still in Afghanistan. The deficit/debt is higher than ever. Entitlements will ruin our future. God is invoked in every major speech. Unemployment is far too high. Iran is a real, continuing threat.

    Four more years!

    You are a naif.

    Obama is not a hope for a better future. He is an impotent rag whose accomplishments can be measured in the appointments of a Supreme Court Justice, the repeal of don’t ask/don’t tell and a tepid health care law.

    Yes, I believe in women’s rights and a real safety net. Yes, I believe in immigrant’s rights and a change to the drug laws.

    I believe in a whole lot of things that Obama can’t deliver.

    • Jordan Genso

      I believe in a whole lot of things that no President on their own can deliver.

      FTFY. Or were you aware of a candidate for President who couldn’t be obstructed by Congress? If so, I must have missed their name on the ballot.

      There are things I believe the President could be doing differently/better, but I try to be realistic in what the office is capable of.

      • mikey

        Yeah. This.

    • Brian M

      Fox is not the only confused one. On the one hand, you prophecy direly about the “entitlements” bankrupting us all (A Fox News Talking Point) then in the next call for “a safety net”. Complaining about Gunatanamo and the wars while feeding into the neo-con fear mongering about Iran.

      No wonder the only real choices in this country were Obama and Mitt. Even those who hang out on atheist discussion boards are severely confused.

  • mikey

    The Fox news audience is dying out, literally, and that will keep the tide turning. But, I still want to smash Roger Ailes’s face in with a brick.

    Also- Booooyah!

  • Merdog

    First time I noticed it. Barbs’ gotta rack.
    The times, they are a changin.

  • Gvlgeologist, FCD

    Just noticed this:

    And, tell me once again the name of the person in the White House who bad-mouths this man and his wife.

    As far as I know, Obama has never even mentioned Laura Bush in public.

    One thing I’ve noticed about the difference between the left and right is the tendency of the right to go after family members of the Dems – from Limbaugh’s despicable comparison of teenage Chelsea Clinton to the WH dog, to the recent criticism of Michelle Obama’s derriere or interest in nutrition. But I don’t remember anyone (OK, anyone in the media or politics) EVER badmouthing Laura Bush (Merdog, Barbara is GWHB’s wife, not GWB’s), or for that matter, Barbara Bush herself. Nancy Reagan was criticized, but that was because of her belief in astrology and her perceived taste in expensive WH furnishings; not exactly the same thing.

    Merdog’s gratuitous comment above I think DOES go in the category of bad-mouthing and I think is unneccessary, but he isn’t a prominent member of the media or politics, as far as I know.

    • mal099

      Well, as you’re talking about how different the left and right are in this, I guess we shouldn’t forget that Sarah Palin’s family got a lot of negative attention, as I recall, and not all of that was classy either.

      Obama himself though? Well, I have to say I don’t remember him badmouthing George W. Bush or his wife, although I’d be open to evidence to the contrary.

      • Gvlgeologist, FCD

        There is a difference between gratuitous attacks or observations (Chelsea’s a dog, Michelle’s got a big butt, Barb(Laura)’s got a rack) that, even if true, are irrelevant, and observations about family that speak to a candidate’s fitness for office. In the case of Palin, observations that I remember are her husband’s membership in a separatist organization and the irony of her daughter having an out-of-wedlock child. But I don’t think anyone attacked the daughter herself, and in fact, the daughter embraced her notoriety.

        If there were gratuitous attacks on the family, I’ll wait to hear about them, and will condemn them as well as being unfair and uncalled for.

        Not classy, well, I don’t remember one way or another, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. It’s the media, after all.