New Site Layout (Plus Brain-Stealing Radiation)

No doubt you’ve noticed the different appearance here, and on Freethought Blogs generally. The Hidden Masters of FTB are upgrading the design, as well as making changes such as a hypnotic opinion generator that will steal your mind and turn you into a willing minion of the World Atheist Conspiracy.

I’m not totally convinced I like the new typeface. Certain other bloggers are tweaking their CSS to render posts in other fonts, and I might do the same after things shake out. Some bugs are being worked out behind the scenes, and I don’t want to fiddle until that all settles down.

Meanwhile, you are getting very sleepy. After today, you will think and do only what I tell you.

You will start tomorrow by giving honest, sincere expectation-free compliments to two people you encounter during the day. (If you’re at a loss as to what to say, just take notice of anytime you THINK something nice about somebody, and then just tell them). Walk away afterwards.

If it feels good, do it the next day. And maybe the one after that.

After that, find the time and place to take your dog for a walk in the woods, preferably off-leash.

Finally, I order you to be yourself. Except be the bigger and better “yourself” you once thought you could be.

"Best to you, Mr. Fox, and for your efforts."

Goodbye Patheos—Hank Fox Bows Out
"All the best, Hank! Your thoughts and words have always given me something to ponder."

Goodbye Patheos—Hank Fox Bows Out

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