Pics from Eschaton 2012

I had my big mongo camera with me at Eschaton 2012, but I kept reminding myself I was there to learn, to speak, to mingle and meet. Which means there were plenty of people I didn’t get pictures of.

To my immense embarrassment, that means I have pics of almost none of the volunteers. Such as Seanna and Evan, who were the public face of the event for me. Seanna extended the invitation, Evan did the travel arrangements. Throughout the event, every time Seanna mentioned Evan and Far Horizons Travel, she repeatedly, comically, reminded us it was “the only atheist-run travel agency in Ottawa.”

But here are a FEW of the speakers and attendees:

Click a pic to see it on its own page, then click it AGAIN to see it big. And someday I’ll actually figure out how to put a rolling gallery in. No, really.

  • michaeld

    hmmm 2nd on the right I could be wrong but that maybe Eric Macdonald from choice in dying?

  • Eamon Knight

    It is indeed Eric MacDonald from Nova Scotia, who blogs at

  • veronicaabbass

    Thank you for posting these pics, especially the photo of snow geese.

    Your readers may enjoy the song “Snow Bird” by native Nova Scotian Anne Murray:

    • Johnny Vector

      And then follow it up with Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank, by Barenaked Ladies; a song about Anne Murray’s stalker:

      (One assumes it’s a different Hank…)

  • Ophelia Benson

    Hank in case you want the full name that’s Dorothy Grassett. Her late husband Elliot was an early and steady commenter at my blog, and always high quality. She is indeed well worth talking to. I was so glad to meet her.

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  • Eric MacDonald

    Hey, this is great. I took my Fuji camera along and took some pictures, but they’re all so grainy and awful that I’ve ditched them, so it’s nice to have some good quality pics. I should have brought my Nikon and gone hunting. Next time, if there is one, I will. Once upon a time, I was an obsessive photographer. Now, not so much. And that is indeed “me” (I?) in the second row on the right. I have to say that I’m guilty as charged too. I didn’t take any pictures of the volunteers, and they were such a great group of volunteers too. There was another photographer there (with cameras to die for!), Diane Bruce, and she took a series of very nice pics, which I think CFI Ottawa will receive. Perhaps they will put them up on their website.

  • dgrasett

    Hank, thank you for posting photos. You have delighted my daughters – I emailed them a link.

  • great1american1satan

    I’m in love with like every lady there. Genie Scott is number one though… I do feel bad for finding her freakin’ fabulous, when her bad-ass brains are what her excellence is all about. But she’s freakin’ fabulous, what are ya gonna do?

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