Please Support and Sign My “We The People” Petition!

weThePeopleDemocracy only works if we make it work. Please sign my petition and help create enhanced freedom and safety for all Americans. With their narrow focus on firearms, the NRA is failing to protect our FULL arms-bearing Second Amendment rights.

This is a real petition, and it needs 25,000 signatures by January 21, 2013. Let’s get to work, Americans! A blade-carrying population is a respectful population!

Click here:  Hank Fox’s We the People Petition

Enhance Public Safety By Allowing All American Adults to Carry Razor-Edged Crime-Preventing Swords in All Public Places

Though the NRA defends the 2nd Amendment right of all Americans to keep and bear firearms, they fail to support the more ancient right of citizens to protect loved ones with ready arm and naked blade.

Therefore, we petition the Obama Administration and Congress to pass a federal law allowing all peace-loving adults to carry razor-edge bladed weapons in all public places, to include but not limited to the broadsword, cutlass, katana, claymore, foil, epee, rapier, saber, scimitar, bayonet, machete, kris, switchblade, throwing knife, dagger, sickle, skewer and rib-tickler.

Further, we implore the White House to institute classes not only in swordplay and short-blade infighting, but in witty repartee and swinging from chandeliers while battling miscreants who threaten the public safety.

  • Ichthyic

    what about… sarcasm?

    surely bearing sarcasm into battle needs our support too!

  • Stacy

    About damn time. The 2nd Amendment mentions “arms.” It doesn’t specify.

    One of these would be cool:

  • machintelligence

    This rather reminds me of a story I heard about some young toughs who decided to crash a Society for Creative Anachronism costume party by throwing a rock through one of the glass doors of the ballroom. They quickly ended up looking at the business end of all sorts of medieval cutlery.

  • MFHeadcase

    Signed it, and hell, arming a bunch of lunatics like me with the blades of our choice is no more dangerous than letting the average member of the NRA walk around…

    (And I say this as a gun owner and CCL holder.)

  • http://Twitter24 Twitter24

    Hi, just wanted to say i liked this article.

  • adam

    Already is legal in most places. Where do you live?

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