Ted Nugent — Masculine, Admirable, Freedom-Loving American. Or Not.

weThePeoplePimple-on-a-dog’s-ass aging rocker Ted Nugent has been invited to the State of the Union Address by Texas Rep. Steve Stockman.

Considering that Nugent has made fairly blatant public threats against both the President and outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — for instance:

 “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will be either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

— and —

“Obama, he’s a piece of sh*t. I told him to suck on my machine gun. Hey Hillary [Clinton], you might want to ride one of these [brandishing two automatic rifles] into the sunset, you worthless b*tch.”

… I think Nugent should be kept away of the State of the Union. Simple respect for the office of the President would be one good reason. I mean, can you imagine anyone like this being admitted to one of George W. Bush’s speeches? No.

But even aside from the politics of the thing, hell, I think there’s justification for mother and wife Michelle Obama to put her foot down. “I don’t want that man anywhere near my husband or my daughters. If he’s in the room, we won’t be. Period.”

I’d like the White House and the Secret Service to VERY CAREFULLY consider Nugent’s presence there.

Yes, Nugent has every right to make drug-addled, machine-gun-brandishing threats against the President. But to afterwards enter the chambers of Congress to attend the State of the Union Address? No, I don’t think so. That’s well beyond any First Amendment right.

If he’s to be admitted, I suggest AT LEAST a thorough interview, probably including a very careful physical search.

Here’s my We The People petition:

Carefully Interview Ted Nugent Before Admitting Him to the State of the Union Speech

Recognizing that aging rocker Ted Nugent has made thinly-veiled but blatantly public threats against the President of the United States and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, we request that the Secret Service interview Mr. Nugent, respectfully but carefully and at length, before admitting him to the State of the Union speech.

Observing an abundance of caution regarding the safety of the President, Vice President and members of Congress, as well as the guests, families, and loved ones of all those present, we further request Mr. Nugent be thoroughly screened for the external or internal presence of firearms or edged weapons, as well as chemical, radiological, biological or pharmacological agents which might, with or without Mr. Nugent’s knowledge, pose a danger to other attendees.

It’s the “internal” screening that really shows the gravity of the situation, don’t you think? Rubber glove time, Ted! Do it for America! (Hey, if I have to submit to a full-body scan or pat-down in order to get on a plane … )

If you want to pass along the petition via Twitter or Facebook, here’s the short link:



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  • hexidecima

    Ted Nugent, loudmouth, irresponsible cowardly hasbeen who needs a big gun to feel like a man.

  • Cuttlefish

    I want Rep. Stockman to be asked, at a public press conference, after full quoting of Nugent’s bluster, whether he (Stockman) still wants Nugent invited. Rub Stockman’s nose in it and make him publicly back down or stand by a vile statement.

    • Renshia

      It wouldn’t surprise me if he knows all about it and backs him up.

  • nohellbelowus

    I say let Teddy attend… but require him to wear headphones playing his own shitty music the entire time.

  • Francisco Bacopa

    He said he’d be dead or in jail. Maybe this is how he wants to make it happen. I know Nugent won’t really try anything if he goes, but I hope he does start something.

    I would like to remind everyone that the Secret Service is the model of an effective counter-terrorism organization. Given the level of hate out there I am sure there have been serious plots against Obama. But how many have we heard about? The Service does not educate its enemies by boasting of their successes.

  • opsarchangelic
  • Pyra

    Nugent is an embarrassment to rock and roll.

    Hell, I doubt even the Dixie Chicks would have gotten in to see Bush’s SOTU! They didn’t even brandish threats.

  • Steve Caldwell

    “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will be either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

    Since Nugent is still alive and not in jail, I say he broke his promise and is a liar.

    • thebookofdave

      IIRC, he has until April 12th. He’s chock full of other bullshit, but still has a chance to rescue this prediction from his usual cesspool of lies. Please let this one come true without any collateral damage.

  • arakasi

    I know it is too late, but I say: Let him come. Let him have his moment in front of the cameras. Let him be the face of the gun fetishists. And let him be indellibly linked to the Republican party.

    If the best that they can do for a spokesman is a serial rapist chickenhawk pedophile, then let the whole country know

    • anuran

      You forgot “pants-shitting coward”

  • http://www.ranum.com Marcus Ranum

    Hey, here’s a serious question. Other than that he appears to be violent*, how is Ted Nugent particularly fulfilling a masculine stereotype?

    (* I suspect he’s actually a physical coward)

  • patricksimons

    Draft dodger and pants crapper, Ted Nugent combines a sickening gun fetish with an adolescent world view and this, of course, qualifies him as a “patriot” in the eyes of the great American tea party.

  • Dave Mabus

    what’s the harm of little idi*ts?


  • grumpyoldfart

    Mabus, still as potty as ever.

    • thumper1990

      Isn’t he meant to be in jail? I wasn’t on the blogosphere for the antics that put him there, but I swear I heard he was?

      • http://itsmyworldcanthasnotyours.blogspot.com WMDKitty — feeling so very small

        This would make at least three parole/probation violations that I am aware of.

        The last few times he was told “Now don’t do that again, mmkay?”

  • http://bibotv.com/show/jane-by-design season one

    haha nice, real nice

  • patricksimons

    Nugent is a draft dodger with a gun fetish, all wrapped up in an adolescent view of the world. Not my idea of admirable.

  • Early Cuyler

    Hank, you conveniently ignore the fact that the Secret Service has already interviewed Ted Nugent over his remarks and they were satisfied with his answers and are satisfied that he isn’t a threat to the president. How about doing some fact checking first??

    • Hank Fox

      What fact checking do you need? Nugent threatened the President’s life. If the office of the President deserves any respect at all, this pig-ignorant thug wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near him.

      Every time someone objects to some act or potential act of the Obama administration, I ask “How would this have played out under Bush?” I’m guessing nobody who threatened Bush’s life with an automatic weapon on stage in front of countless witnesses would have been let into the inner core of Washington, much less onto the grounds of the White House, or into the presence of the president. Hell, they would have made political hay out of it on Fox News. TERRORIST ATTEMPTS TO GET CLOSE TO PRESIDENT BUSH.

      • Early Cuyler

        You’re right Hank. Who needs “facts and “evidence” when your own made up opinions are more important. You could teach the bozos at Faux news a thing or two about manufacturing a false threat narrative. Secret Service interviewed Ted for over 4 hours and didn’t feel that he had made a threat to the president. I guess you’re privy to some information that even the SS doesn’t have??

        • Hank Fox

          So … you’re just fine with what Nugent did say? Did you actually watch the video of him?

          Also, just curious … do you think the Bush White House would have welcomed such person into the presence of President Bush? (Considering they had a male prostitute in the White House press pool, invited in by Karl Rove or some other White House insider, I suppose I could be wrong about this.)

          Also-also: Why are you here at all? I don’t usually get the leapy-attacky right wingers.

  • Thomas Decker

    It’s not too late for a self-fulfilling prophesy. I’d lay even money that if there is a conspiracy among the gun-nuts out there (read comments at Faux News after any story on guns) Ted is associated with it in some way.

  • davidct

    I remember under Pres. Nixon, a friend of mine stated in a bar that someone should shoot him after we started bombing Cambodia. He was subsequently invited to explain himself to the Secret Service office in Detroit. It seems odd that when the President is a black man, such disrespect is considered free speech.

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