One Hundred and Five Thousand, Nine Hundred Eighty Nine. Dollars.

You know the story: Helping A Tornado Survivor, Atheist Style — Oklahoma tornado survivor Rebecca Vitsmun admits she’s an atheist during a TV interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, and atheists worldwide pitch in to help her and her family rebuild.

The donation effort at Indiegogo is still roaring along.

The total as I write this is, yes, $105,989.

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  • gadlaw

    A nice floating raft of good news in a sea of despair. What with so many of the people crawling out of the rubble ‘thanking god’ for them not being dead and then the nutjob praising allah while explaining why he hacked a young soldier to death it’s been a numbing couple of weeks. The good in people shines through like this once in a while.

  • valmeow

    I love this outpouring of love for Rebecca Vitsmun and her family!

  • Cathy Moore Casper

    I love this. Thanks for the story and the update. That should be enough to get a new home.

  • SophiaTom

    I spent 4 yrs living just 4 miles from her and I applaud her honesty during that interview . I arrived in OKC in 2006 an indifferent agnostic and left in 2010 a militant atheist, thanks in large part to the disgusting right wing “christian” politics I seen in the 2008 POTUS election and also, having a front row seat to the hypocrisy, hatefulness, racism and close minded world views that are so prevalent among believers.

  • Rusty Yates

    And so we see how atheists use action instead of prayer.

    She certainly is a wonderful spokesperson.

  • Hesitate

    Rebecca Vitsmun is a new hero! She could have just mildly knodded and saved her own social skin. Living in Oklahoma, she is one honorable lady!

  • Zl Rao