To Hell With It — I’m Declaring a Holiday!

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  • LouisDoench

    You are going to have to share that day with Douglas Adams…
    And my wife and I, 10 years on Saturday!

    • Hank Fox

      I hope she allows you to co-rule. Or at least serve as one of the higher-up minions, possibly a henchman or lackey (rather than a toadie, stooge or doormat).

    • Karen

      Congrats to you. Louis, and your wife! Alas, I was too sick today (tail end of a headcold) to properly celebrate Towel Day.

  • Michael Neville

    When I grow up I want to be Skeletor. Who wouldn’t want a Council of Evil and minions so servile as to let themselves be ruled by a bullying megalomanic.