Atheist Grief Panel Discussion: FTBConscience

Thanks to the kind invitation from Rebecca Hensler, founder of Grief Beyond Belief, I was on the Atheist Grief panel of FTBConscience, and that took place today at 5 p.m., East Coast time. Other panelists were Greta Christina and Nicome Taylor.

And here it is, already on YouTube!


  • Mick

    That was interesting Hank. I know your writing but I’ve never heard you speaking before – you sound pretty good.

    [I remember that time when your dad was dying and I was so pleased for you when I read the post which said you had enough cash and would soon be able to see him.]

    • Hank Fox

      Thank you! Once I get over this financial hump, I’m hoping to do a lot more public speaking.

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