The Range of Permissible Acts — Part 2

Religious apologists would accuse in both cases that any critic of such passages was taking things out of context, or misunderstanding them.But in words that are hard to misunderstand, one says that it’s okay in certain specific circumstances to cut off a woman’s hands, the other says you should beat women, in situations where you fear they may leave you.Believers would argue two more things:One, that these passages are not taken seriously by anyone today. Second, that the good their … [Read more...]

My God … It’s Full of Stars!

Echoing welcomes elsewhere on FTB, a warm howdy to all the new unbelievers, skeptics and outright atheists — all famous elsewhere —  just shown up on FreeThought Blogs!  To quote DarkSyde, of Zingularity: Dana Hunter at En Tequila Es Verdad is a science blogger, SF writer, complete geology addict, Gnu Atheist, and owner of a – excuse me, owned by a homicidal felid.Al Stefanelli owns and operates A Voice of Reason, he is a veteran journalist and bravely serves as the Georgia Stat … [Read more...]

The Range of Permissible Acts — Part 1

Say you’ve picked out a private kindergarten for your little girl, and you’ve gone down to take a look at the place to check on a last few details.During the hourlong tour and consultation, you ask “What are the classroom rules here at Bronfield Academy? What will be expected of my daughter while she’s actually in class?”“Ah,” says the director. “Glad you asked, because we’ve got a list of the rules we send home for each new student before the term begins. Let me get you a copy of that. Y … [Read more...]

Come to think of it, this IS the first day of the rest of my life

Apropos of nothing special, except for the fact that I'm moving ...Actually I'm mostly moved. Still have some cleaning to do at the old place, and a LOT of box emptying and sorting. But I'm sleeping and cooking and showering at the new place, and it already feels like home.But this just came to mind:There's nothing like a move to remind you of the freshness of the world. The whole future, your entire life, stretches before you, and every new morning is a wide-open doorway into it. To start … [Read more...]

Mohammad Sucks Big Sweaty Donkey Balls

Sorry. Had to be said.  After all, it's Blasphemy Day International. (Wikipedia)In fairness, I feel the same way about Christianity. About all religion, actually, but also about superstition, and even about the donkey-ball-sucking broadcasters who pour out all this recent ghost-hunter swill on TV.If cigarettes damage your health, and now require warning labels, shouldn't things that damage your ability to think have warning labels too? … [Read more...]

Whoring Out Your Head – Part 4

And the payment isn’t just the money, it’s all the mind-stuff and mind-time you give to it.In timeshare terms, the Lottery lives in your head in all that time you spend dreaming about what you’ll do with the money. The time you spend deciding which tickets to buy, and then buying them, scratching them, suffering the small disappointments, and the small seductive wins. … [Read more...]