Religious evangelists flocked to Reason Rally like pedophiles to a Chuck E. Cheese ball pit. And yes, I call them Assholes. The first second I saw ’em when I got there Saturday morning, I thought “Yeah, you assholes just COULDN’T stay home and let us have our event. You HAD TO be here, didn’t you, trying to spoil it.” For more photos from Reason Rally 2016, also see Signs & Wonders, The Famous & Infamous, The Scene, and The People…. Read more

More photos from Reason Rally 2016. Also see Signs & Wonders, The People, The Scene, and The Assholes. I didn’t get pics of everybody speaking — I wasn’t documenting the event so much as capturing my own impressions. As I said earlier, I wanted to do this as a slide show, but I don’t know how to do that with the interface here at Patheos. Any of the pics you want to see larger, click and then click again to get… Read more

Got back from Reason Rally last night, exhausted. Whew! Great event, great time, great inspiration. I took lots and lots of photos. Rather than post them all in one big lump, I’ve divided them up into five themes: Signs & Wonders, The People of Reason Rally, The Famous & Infamous, The Scene, and The Assholes. I wanted to do this as a slide show, but I don’t know how to do that with the interface here at Patheos. Any of… Read more

I’ve been thinking about that gorilla that just got shot to death at the Cincinnati Zoo. The outpouring of sympathy for the poor, poor mother who only looked away for a few seconds, the tearful “You people just don’t know what it’s like being a mother!” is only one of the annoying mass responses. Meanwhile, here’s this innocent gorilla, killed with no second thought, the moment a human child plops down in his enclosure. Something I’ve said on social media:… Read more

I’ve said many times that every time atheists put up a billboard or other public display, they should absolutely expect it will be vandalized, and should set up cameras to record the vandals in the act. Anytime we think “billboard,” we should also think “vandalism preparation.” It’s probably impossible to prevent the vandalism, but we could start a YouTube video collection to argue that nice Christians vandalize atheists’ property about a thousand times more often than evil atheists target Christian… Read more

•  Dogs like icewater in the summer, just like people do. •  The burger you get at the counter has no resemblance to the picture of the burger on the poster. •  If they tell you it’s “for your own good” or “to serve you better” … it isn’t. •  Once you lose half your hair, the pressure’s off. •  Everything mouse-sized and bigger has feelings. •  The death of a loved one makes everything else small change. •  Most… Read more

Saw this pic on Facebook, with the caption do you see jesus? type “amen” if you see him How many typed “amen”? I didn’t go through and inspect every single response, but in the looking I did do — the most recent several hundred responses — every person typed “amen” or something even more goddy. As of 9:45 p.m. today, the post got 125,177 comments, 310,000 likes, and almost 13,000 shares. Oh, and Donald Trump just won the primaries in… Read more

Some of what you work out — hopefully, anyway — as you go about your daily life, are what I call “thinking tools.” These aren’t just facts, they’re ways of viewing or understanding the world around you  in a way that allows you to deal with life in a more productive, or less painful, way. I wrote about something I call “Nailing” quite some time back, and that concept is one of my own thinking tools, something that helps me… Read more

I heard a guy in Subway a couple of years back loudly ranting about public schools. He finished with “They want us to pay to educate other people’s kids! That’s how you destroy a country. That’s how you bring down America.”   He was talking about PUBLIC SCHOOLS.   I had this brief happy vision of a giant Monty Python thumb coming down from the ceiling and just crushing him into jelly. Silly ninny. Those young people — other people’s… Read more

Every major change in life — and probably a lot of the minor ones — is accompanied by something I call Turbulence. New job, turbulence. New baby, turbulence. Loss of a loved one, MAJOR turbulence. It’s that period of discomfort and confusion that happens between one steady life state and another. Eventually you get used to new conditions of life — the new job is as familiar and comfortable as the old one — but meanwhile, you suffer the bumpy… Read more

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