Short Stack #13

[Apology in advance: Some of these may be repeats.]Jesus praying to God is the same as masturbation.______________________New Superstitions for the Modern Age: If your oatmeal has black specks in it, and if you eat the black specks, you will sicken and die. Eight-year-olds, take note.______________________Why, yes, you're right. It IS a "mute" point. Probably best to say no more about it. … [Read more...]

Interview With The Blue Collar Atheist

Sometimes you read something you wrote or said sometime back, and you go "Damn! That was me? This is some really good stuff!" That was my reaction to this post on my old site, shortly after the publication of my book.Anyway, I'm reposting it.------------------------------ What’s the book about? … [Read more...]

Fanboy Does ‘The Avengers’

Went to the midnight showing of The Avengers last night.I've been saying for a couple of years that someone figured out something, about the time of the first Spider-Man movie. Something about how to do a REALLY GOOD superhero movie.The whatever-it-was came to perfection by the time the second Spider-Man came out, the one with Doc Ock, making it the screaming best superhero movie ever-evarrrr.But then the first Iron Man hit the screen. Blew. Me. The. Fuck. Away. Topped Spidey 2.The … [Read more...]

God Without Spellcheck 2

Thanks to Barry Andrew for the heads-up on the following image:From their website: "The North Georgia Falcons are a homeschool football team with high school and middle school players. We play football in the Glory For Christ football league, which is made up of Christian School teams and Homeschool teams."The lead post at the Glory for Christ Football League site — "Our purpose in life is to give glory to God!" — is at the moment a large ad for the concussion-preventing Guardian foo … [Read more...]

In Case You Missed It …

This is the piece that appeared in the Albany Times Union newspaper this last Saturday, in the Voices of Faith column on the Faith & Values page. (Interestingly, it used to be the Religion page, and I suspect the change reflects some sort of sea change in understanding that "values" can come from someplace other than religion. Which is progress, and which I attribute directly to newly-vocal atheists making that very point.)The two other main stories on the page were "Pope orders crackdown … [Read more...]

God Without Spellcheck

I love/hate this kind of thing. Either way, it's often worth a laugh.I'm sure you have your own unfavorite misspelled signs, posters, etc., from the goddy demographic. Send me some links! Let's start a collection. … [Read more...]