Short Stack #25

[ Could be some duplicates in here. I’m sorting through an archive of old stuff.  ]---------------------Yesterday, hackers uncovered a stash of nude pictures of a prominent American political figure. After viewing them, they quietly apologized to Dick Cheney and returned the photos with detailed advice on how to beef up his firewall.---------------------One day we will be able to upload human consciousness to computers, and achieve virtual immortality. Well, when I say "we," I me … [Read more...]

Beta Culture: Legacy

[I'm afraid I'm not going to explain this very well. I have the idea in my head in a way that makes sense to me, but this post runs long because I'm having a problem getting the concept into words. I'm hoping readers can help me refine the idea into some simpler form that will be more easily understandable. Collaborative comments are welcome!]As I think I've said here in the past, I believe atheism is, in some ways, rather fragile. Give us one good civilization-wide scare and I fear we'd … [Read more...]

LaVoy Finicum: Folk Hero Patriot, or Suicide By Cop?

Ha -- If you root for neither team, both sets of fans will hate you.I said some time back I no longer consider myself a liberal, but rather a Rational Centrist. Certainly I've managed to piss off an ample number of liberal-trending people with my jaundiced view of modern feminism, and rejection of those liberal-heartstring-plucking outrage stories (Fort Lauderdale hates the homeless!, etc.) and memes constantly projected at us.But lately I seem to be equally good at pissing off certain … [Read more...]

Warriors Against Tyranny … or Not

I've thought many times that there should be a Handbook of Sudden Fame and Riches, a little something that would provide needed guidance to child actors, lottery winners and overnight-sensation rock stars. The basic idea of the thing would be "Yeah, this is all great and stuff, but how do you handle it all so as to survive and be sane and successful LATER?"For child actors, one of the lessons would be "This isn't forever. Eventually you'll be less cute, less appealing to that fickle … [Read more...]

Gender Asymmetry, Again

I had a post a bit more than a year ago titled A Third Approach to Gender Equality.The heart of the post was the assertion that male and female humans have certain distinct characteristics separate from each other, and that taking those differences into account -- through an overview that admits of something I call "gender asymmetry" -- is necessary to develop approaches to equality.Men have advantages over women. For instance, men's naturally greater strength and athletic ability. Which … [Read more...]

Four Reasons I’m Voting for Hillary Clinton

Something interesting happened today and it opened my eyes to something I didn't know I didn't know.I was reading news headlines and came across one that said, basically, that Bernie Sanders was gaining on Hillary and might present a serious challenge. There's been a steady flow of these stories since Bernie entered the race. For sensationalistic reasons -- a tight race is more exciting to the yahoos -- the news media insists on framing the competing campaigns as a neck-and-neck run, with … [Read more...]