Easter Listening


The walking I did for my Lenten practice opened my ears. I heard such different things depending on where and when I walked. (And I am walking still!) Bird songs were amazing in their variety and cadence. Wind rushes ebbed and flowed, seeming to be in sync with the the clouds and the sun.  And [Read More...]

Quiet Eastertide


Lent was very intense for me–great attention to practices, increased awareness of the suffering of the world, ongoing wrestling with what this walking in faithfulness to Jesus means. It is a grace to have completed that part of the journey for this year, and have a silent Holy Saturday to ponder in anticipation of what new [Read More...]

Walking the Light of Holy Week.


As I begin to walk the last lap of Lenten practice, I am prodded by all the charges in sacred text to “walk in the Light!” Jesus claims that he is the Light of the world: “whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” (John 8: 12) However, [Read More...]

Still Walking…in Faith Week 5 of Lent


I keep walking, but in this week of Lent, I struggle with the attempt. Daylight Savings Time has descended, and morning walks are taken in the quarter light, in which my presbyopic eyes can’t always tell what the shapes and outlines mean; someone is nearly on top of me before I recognize that I need [Read More...]

A Love Walk–Week 4 of Lent


I have walked half my way through Lent. The words from the King James Version of Ephesians bubble up in me: “Walk in Love! as Christ loved us.” (Eph. 5: 2) I was given such a surprising and welcome gift when I told my husband that I was choosing to walk this Lent. He replied [Read More...]

Spirit Walking–Week 3 of Lent


“Keep walking!” says the Spirit; so I do. I am challenged by the convergence of sacred text, “walk after the Spirit” (Rom. 8: 4), and the weather, windy and capricious around here. “The Spirit blows where it wills”, Jesus says; so in my daily walking, how do I walk in the Spirit, and not in [Read More...]

Walking Anew-Week 2 of Lent


So I began walking as my primary Lenten practice; one day it was my labyrinth, a few times it was around my neighborhood. I parked as far away in the parking lot from the door of my destination, reminding myself that the goal was the walking, the practice itself. Then it struck—the respiratory infection that had [Read More...]

The Lenten Walk


“Jesus walked this lonesome valley/he had to walk it by himself/O nobody else could walk it for him/he had to walk it by himself.” These old words from a gospel song are the words that arise for me in the Lenten season. It is about walking for me this year. It is not that I [Read More...]

On Opening the Door


We arrived at the retreat house mid-afternoon on a sunny, but blustery, day. We had not traveled far, but the approach up the driveway took us in to another world altogether, one without very good cell reception, daily newspapers, television screens. As we drove up, the door opened, or so it seemed, and she was [Read More...]

On Boundaries


I have been flummoxed and baffled about the question of boundaries in a community of faith and in my own personal life. Recently I have been reminded of what happens in companies where boundaries have not been observed, ending in disarray and damage for all concerned. I have been wrestling with the discerning work of [Read More...]