Seminary: Growing Roots, Spreading Wings

For thirty years I was deeply connected to seminary life: a student, a pastor supervisor, a trustee, and a faculty member. In each of those roles, at each of those times in my life, I was given gifts and I was left with longings. As the discussion about what and if a seminary should be [Read More...]

Creating, Creative

I am posting my 50th blog. I never imagined that I would be a blogger, let alone one who tried to “gather the pieces of my life under the eye of the Holy.” But here I am–writing, creating, and sharing with a larger world, much of which is unknown to me. The endeavor has meant [Read More...]

Keeping Faith

Sometimes life just delivers a blow that knocks one out. Your breath is taken away, your spirit feels broken, and your heart feels irreparably damaged. I have been sitting daily this week in the presence of those who are living with this destitution. Broken trust, broken trust, broken bodies have all brought devastation to people [Read More...]

Seeking Silence

Noise surrounds me. Even on a morning home alone, the planes buzz, the mowers grind, the washer hums. But more difficult to evade and mask is the raucous and endless noise in my head, the monkey mind. And the best parts of me long to BE STILL and KNOW GOD. I know some ways of [Read More...]

Following the Child

“A little child shall lead them” says the prophet Isaiah, in a metaphor for the peaceable reign of God. For a week I have followed a child, a grandchild of mine, almost 8, here on a visit. I pondered as I was trying to keep pace with him about what peace would look like if [Read More...]

Sorting Hats

I awake to a new day, and wonder which hat to wear. At 8 a.m., I don the Homemaker hat in which I make sure that the house is ready for guests. At 8:30 I change into the Advisor hat, helping someone with a writing project. Next in line is the Convener hat which allows [Read More...]

A Prayer for 9/11

From the far coast we remember the anniversary of the horror and grief and carnage of  the attack on the United States by terrorists, O Gentle and Powerful Holy One, and we pray that we will be part of the repair work to be poured out on the wounds in our world: Give us open [Read More...]

Longing for Water


I wake up longing for water…in me, around me, through me. I feel dryness of body, mind and spirit. I want to touch it, feel it, see it, hear it, smell it. Maybe that is what a whirlwind summer does, depletes the supple of water, empties the well. In ┬áthis state of thirst, it is [Read More...]

Story Telling


How can I remember the things I have seen, the people I have met, the signs and wonders that I have experiences when I return from a pilgrimage of body and soul? Is there lasting value in being on pilgrimage? Certainly there are photos, postcards, brochures gathered. But the treasures of the journey become more [Read More...]

Watching for Signs


On a road trip across the western part of the country, one is treated to an unending parade of road signs: Falling Rocks, Road Work Ahead, and those signs without words, indicating curves, steep grades and the presence of creatures who might be crossing the highways. What was often baffling to me in trip from [Read More...]