Looking Back, Looking Ahead

A New Year is a ripe occasion for spiritual practice, a chance to look back at what the past year has offered, and a chance to dream and to hope about what could be in the year ahead. The look backward is sometimes called the Examen, a prayer practice that asks these questions: “where is [Read More…]

Light Appears!

And now the Light for which we have been waiting dawns! I am so glad! I have longed for that Light this year, maybe more intensely than I ever have, because the darkness has seemed so opaque. I am looking for the places that the Light reveals itself, with my prayer that the eyes of [Read More…]

Almost There

The last Sunday before Advent gives us all the Light we will get before the Coming of the Light on Christmas. It is so much brighter than it was when we began four weeks ago, but we still are in semi-darkness. I can’t quite see everything that is there for me in the light. So [Read More…]

With Two or Three

This year for the first time in a long while, I am observing Advent and celebrating Christmas with a community of which I am a part. It is a lovely gift-instructive and comforting. While I cherish the solitude that is part of my every day routine, I am swept up in the shared wakefulness that [Read More…]

Paying Attention

Second week of Advent, and the the words keep popping up: Wake up! Watch! Keep Alert! To which of them am I supposed to attend?  There are so many sounds, sights, aroma, textures in the air, on the ground, all around. The glut of  son et lumiere overwhelms me and makes me soporific. Which sign informs [Read More…]

Waiting in the Dark

For what am I waiting this first day of Advent? for what do I long? If I am honest, there is almost always something a little “adventish” in my spirit,” a little place where I am all too aware that not everything is as it should be, that somethings are still amiss, that something remains [Read More…]

Simple Gifts

It is Thanksgiving day, an unusually quiet one, with family strewn around the hemisphere, feasting delayed to another location. I am grateful for the chance to pay attention to the simple gifts that are part of the Presence of the Holy in my life today: a visiting English bulldog continuous nourishing music a new mystery [Read More…]

All the Lonely People

It’s a big city in which I live, in a big nation, in a big world, many, many people populate it. But so many encounters and images that come to me are with and of people who are lonely–old people and young, married and un-partnered, active and retired. I wonder if there is something essentially [Read More…]

After Rain

It doesn’t rain much here, not enough they say. But after it does, the earth shimmers and shines with the glory of God. The greens and blues are brilliant. The roses, fuschias, and camellias glisten. The clouds billow and scud across the ether. The ocean returns to a place of tranquility. I am awe struck. [Read More…]

Seminary: Growing Roots, Spreading Wings

For thirty years I was deeply connected to seminary life: a student, a pastor supervisor, a trustee, and a faculty member. In each of those roles, at each of those times in my life, I was given gifts and I was left with longings. As the discussion about what and if a seminary should be [Read More…]