On Pilgrimage


I am about to leave on a road trip, which I always try to practice as spiritual pilgrimage. My guide to that whole enterprise for many years now has been Phil Cousineau in his book, The Art of Pilgrimage. He says that  a pilgrimage is a “transformative journey to a spiritual center.” This trip is [Read More...]

Blog Body and Spirit Sinew


I am a slow receptor in the worlds of social media and rapid technological evolution. But today with my 40th blog post, I am ready to allow that I have been given new dimensions in my journey of Spirit with my participation in these modes of connection and communication. Writing this blog, receiving responses, interacting [Read More...]

Hills of Difficulty


The figure of a pilgrim has always been intriguing to me since I heard a pastor frame the spiritual experience as pilgrimage rather than arrival. Drawing from the book of Hebrews, he asked the gathered listeners to set out on their future life with God as a pilgrimage, which is always moving forward toward the [Read More...]

Freedom for Interdependence


Here in the United States, we hear a great deal of talk about independence and freedom this weekend, the 4th of July. I find myself wondering if independence is a quality of Spirit. Recognizing that what we celebrate as a nation is an historical political autonomy, I ponder how the “spirit of independence” oozes into [Read More...]

Greening, Restoring: Praising!


I grew up with a Bible-quoting mother. Much of the wisdom and framework for our lives was constructed out of the handy verses that supported her principles on the spot. So much of the Scripture that I know, both Hebrew and Christian, was learned by hearing it–in the King James version, the 400th anniversary of [Read More...]

Extraordinarily Ordinary


In the Church calendar we are now in Ordinary Time, a long swath of weeks where there are no festivals and major celebrations, at least in most Protestant traditions. So it is time to attend to what Kathleen Norris calls “the quotidian mysteries,” the way we meet and serve the Holy in small, daily encounters. [Read More...]

Spirit: Coming and Going–for Pentecost, 2011


Come, Holy Spirit! Come fill our hearts: with your love, peace, reassurance. Come fill our minds: with your wisdom, perspective, creative spark. Come fill our bodies: with your healing, energy and grace. Come, Holy Spirit! Go, Holy Spirit! Go as Breath: to those choked with fear, to those paralyzed with doubt, to those who are [Read More...]

Out of Practice


Spiritual practices are plentiful. In a wired age we have more choices of methods than we can comprehend, master or even use. The plenitude and variety are a joy to behold, because clearly each one of us is unique and shaped by the location in which we were nurtured and in which we live out [Read More...]

North American Idols


I had an early exposure to idols, really enormous ones in a land far, far away where my parents were missionaries. These images were formidable, and people thronged to see them, to light candles and incense in front of them, repeat words of petition and panic. The instruction to me as a child by my [Read More...]

The Time In Between


This past week seemed vacant, with few dates in my Day-Runner (Luddite that I continue to be!), just lots of hurrying up and waiting. I was called for jury duty downtown. It is formidable enough to take on-line orientation, to get through rush hour traffic, to find the correct courthouse, to go through security without [Read More...]