Time for Pain


Lent 3                                                                                                           [Read More...]

Discern the Truth, Name the Evil


Lent 2: Luke 19: 41-48 Spirit of truth and judgement, who alone can exorcise the powers that grip our world, at the point of crisis give us your discernment, that we may accurately name what is evil, and know the ways that lead to peace. Evil shows up is two of the most well-known prayers [Read More...]



I entered this Lenten season feeling in need of a teacher. In this culture of multiple blogs and connections, (to which I am contributing), it was hard to sort through all the offerings in front of me to light on ONE where I might focus for this journey. I pulled a book written in 1988 [Read More...]

Piecing a Quilt


In a few days the season of Lent will begin, a process of preparing for the holy week leading to Easter. It is a process of reflecting on one’s own life, particularly looking at the things that one needs to let go of or get rid of or unload, to clear the way for the [Read More...]

Holy Beauty, Beautiful Holiness

Eucalyptus at Immaculate Heart Center

Retreating to a spiritual center is a life-giving enterprise for anyone who needs to take a deep breath, to be still or to “come apart and rest for awhile,” as Jesus was wont to do. I traveled with a group that meets monthly to the Immaculate Heart Center in Santa Barbara for three days this [Read More...]

Anam Cara


I often wear a silver cuff bracelet with the words “Anam Cara” on it, Gaelic for “soul friend.” Brigid of Kildare said that a person  without a soul-friend is like a body without a head. And Jesus told his disciples that they were his friends. When we find that  person with whom we connect in [Read More...]

Just Stop

Learn Stillness and Silence

Some weeks all the blocks come tumbling down: a mission to which I have been committed is being shut down for lack of funds; the reality of death comes closer to those I love; the cracks in the institution of the Church seems to be driven deeper; the rebellions and riots around the world proliferate. [Read More...]

Laughter of Love

Loving another can be demanding work; paying attention, listening deeply, holding your tongue, ladling cups of cold water. So I need and long for holy laughter to lighten and energize the work of love. And laughter abounds in the world! In my world laughter came this morning when I went out to pick up the [Read More...]

Keeping Vigil

Mark Kelly

The image of astronaut Captain Mark Kelly shown by the hospital bedside touched my heart this past week. It is impossible to know what he is really thinking, but very easy to imagine the love, the hope, the tenderness and compassion as he is keeping vigil over his wife, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, after the shooting [Read More...]

Too Many Words, Too Much Silence

In these days following the horror of the shootings in Arizona, I have been almost paralyzed: surely there have been too many words, but there has also been too much silence. Too many words in the face of devastation demands our silence: a grieving silence, too deep for words a thoughtful silence, pondering in our [Read More...]