Give Me a Chance to Convince You to Stop Being Ableist

Hi. I’d like to convince you to stop being ableist. [Read more…]

Two Really, Really, Really Bad Arguments From Anti-SJWs

I saw both of these awhile ago. But I didn’t write about it cuz I thought it’d be petty. What bothers me, though, and why I’m finally writing this is that people are trusting these two YouTubers to be “experts” on topics that they know nothing about. It’s not even primarily that I disagree with [Read More…]

How to Fight Today’s Gender War

Enjoy the performance. [Read more…]

Philando Castile Dash Cam Footage Shows Diamond Reynolds Was Telling The Truth

I am so angry right now. The story that Diamond Reynolds has been telling regarding the infamous shooting death of her boyfriend Philando Castile is that the police officer, Jeronimo Yanez, asked for Philando Castile’s license and insurance, Philando Castile reached for his license as he told them that he had a firearm, and the [Read More…]

A Case Study In Bad Logic: Blaire White

If they knew basic logic, she’d lose most of her subscribers. [Read more…]

The Two Most Misunderstood Logical Fallacies

Don’t embarrass yourself. Get these right. [Read more…]

A Case Study in Ignorant YouTube Racism

‘The Model Minority isn’t a thing.’ — Google [Read more…]

How Much White Guilt Should You Have?

Should white people today feel guilty for a past they were not responsible for? [Read more…]

Can White People Say the N-Word?

You should know this. [Read more…]

Should We Talk to the Other Side?

This is a hard conversation to have. First, a bit about me. I’ve talked to the other side almost all of my life, which is why the name of my blog is “Barrierbreaker.” You might not know this, but up till about 5 years ago (I was 28 years old) I was a far right [Read More…]