No, atheists are not morally bankrupt. Read more

I’ll have a raw, unsanitized existence today instead. Read more

“The truth may be puzzling. It may take some work to grapple with. It may be counterintuitive. It may contradict deeply held prejudices. It may not be consonant with what we desperately want to be true. But our preferences do not determine what’s true.” ― Carl Sagan There was a time when I had to see people the way God saw them, and after my deconversion I had the opportunity to see them without that filter. I could see them as… Read more

At such moments I don’t think about all the misery, but about the beauty that still remains. This is where Mother and I differ greatly. Her advice in the face of melancholy is: “Think about all the suffering in the world and be thankful you’re not part of it.” My advice is: “Go outside, to the country, enjoy the sun and all nature has to offer. Go outside and try to recapture the happiness within yourself; think of all the beauty… Read more

Hold your answer. Read this first. Read more

Is it possible for Christians to understand the way atheists look at Christianity? Or for atheists to understand the way Christians look at Christianity? In a way, my life is an answer to that question. I used to be a fervent Christian, and now I’m a thoroughgoing atheist. So I do know what it’s like on both sides. But then again…I’ve had to adjust. I’ve broken some friendships and made others. I’ve completely changed, in many respects, the way I… Read more

Ever tried to help someone, only to find that the help is not appreciated? It’s a classic scenario. You give someone something you have. You sacrifice yourself to them. You go out of your way to give them some of the essentials that they need, and you expect appreciation But instead of appreciation, eventually you get resentment. Or maybe, over time, you start to feel used. I’ve been thinking a lot about this, and I think I’ve noticed a common… Read more

There have been several times as an atheist in which I have experienced existential angst, and I’ve noticed that this angst seems to hover around two different extremes. Sometimes these extremes are the very components of atheism that make me happiest; but the tension between the two is very undesirable. On one side is a determination to embrace the void. In the absence of God, the theory goes, our lives have no inherent meaning. This lack of inherent meaning is… Read more

I believe that you should always believe you are capable of being a good person. You shouldn’t do the right thing out of a sense of inherent subservience or because you think you lack value. You should do the right thing because you have an unwavering confidence that you have the capability to enrich other people’s lives. That doesn’t mean other people have to believe it. And often they won’t. Sometimes people may tell you that you hurt them so… Read more

As a man who hasn’t experienced it, I wondered, at first, why women were taking so long to report sexual assault. Years, decades often seemed to pass before they reported a slew of famous men whose takedowns have been in the news. What I see shouted on the front pages, I have been repeatedly told via the #metoo hashtag, has been happening to almost every woman on a less discussed scale. Why not take them to court? I have some… Read more

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