What This Atheist Misses About God

I was thinking, yesterday, about the positive sides of the God I used to believe in. There’s a lot I don’t like about the God I grew up believing in until I was 28, and I’ve written plenty about it elsewhere. The vengeance of the Old Testament, the narrow-minded rules from the people in the Bible who created Him, the way theology is often used to control people, the unwarranted authority — all that upsets me. But I have learned, as… Read more

The Beautiful Simplicity of Life After Ghosts and Monsters

Sometimes, Christians ask if I regret living in such a boring world. After all, they believe in angels and demons, heaven and hell, God and Satan. I just believe in the world I directly experience. Do I feel like I’m losing something? Do I feel empty? Out of all the things I miss in Christianity, that epic world that so many Christians love is not one of them. For me, it was a nightmare. Honestly. I mean, these days…I don’t… Read more

On Respecting A God I Don’t Believe In

I’ve long made the argument that if Christians believe in God, they shouldn’t be insulted when I insult God. After all, I’m insulting GOD. Can’t He defend Himself? Why does He need to be protected by their egos? So I’ve insulted God with abandon. But recently, I’ve been double-guessing that. As I’ve said before, my primary goal in life is to ensure that people live the happiest, most fulfilled lives they possibly can live. And I’ve had to admit that… Read more

How I Found Value After I Stopped Believing In God

When I was a Christian, I thought that I would not have value if God didn’t exist. The only way that I would have value is if a God who exalted me above the rest of existence came into my life and declared I was valuable. I think a lot of Christians have that mentality. When I say that I don’t believe in God, they wonder how I get on without deep depression when I don’t have any God-given worth… Read more

An English Lesson on What “I Wouldn’t Even” Means

As an English prof, I hate that this conversation is necessary…but apparently it is. Read more

Should You Feel Guilty for Being White?

The short answer is no. Stop missing the point. Read more

Notes on My Disturbing Discussion with Sargon of Akkad

I recently had a discussion with Sargon of Akkad and was surprised by a few of his views… Sargon of Akkad thinks the discussion on race heated up around 2011. He thinks that the fact that first-generation immigrants who come to the US under very high standards and do well indicates that racism isn’t a big deal. He thinks that the ills of the black family are best remedied by encouraging black men to marry black women. Those are three… Read more

God Doesn’t Work for Me. But What If It’s Different for Some People?

A former anti-theist asks himself tough questions. Read more

The Humility of Pride

Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.” — Luke 9:23 “Shun the ‘transcendent’ and all who invite you to subordinate or annihilate yourself.” — Christopher Hitchens For a long time I was taught, and believed, that the greatest thing you could do is humble yourself before God. You had to make yourself low and humble so that all your worth came from God,… Read more

How “Free Exchange of Ideas” Naivety Limits Free Speech

It’s time to think this through. Read more

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