Advertise for Less on Bible News Radio

Bible News Radio is pleased to air advertisements for products and services that are suitable for a conservative and Christian audience. Unlike terrestrial radio, where audience reach is merely estimated, Bible News Radio can account for every time a program is listened to on its Internet radio channel. With 25,000 to 45,000 downloads every month, you can be confident that your announcement is reaching a large audience for just pennies per listener.

Although our archived programs remain online and continue to be listened to for months to come, our advertisers only pay for placement in new shows for the current month’s programming. Even if you pay for only one month, your advertisement will continue to be heard in archived episodes into the future.

The cost for placing your advertisement (up to 60 seconds in length) in our radio programs is only $125 per month. At an average of 21 new episodes per month and a very conservative estimate of just 200 listens per episode (usually more), that’s 4200 episode listens at a cost of less than 3 cents ($0.03) each.  Over the following months, archived episodes can continue to get listens, further reducing the cost per listener!

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