What happens when a good-natured oaf becomes endowed with the impossible gift of time travel? Join Bathtub Benny and find out! Read more

Eleanor the depressed narwhal stews in the shallows of her coastal habitat, quietly rationalizing her own indecisiveness through her unparalleled fatalism. Read more

OK, so this may be just me, but whenever I try to figure out a cohesive haunting spirit type narrative I always end up with skelemen having to pay their dues before graduating to full blown ghost. Read more

Blinky is a simple bat, but he is also a thinker. If, on even an molecular level, all actions are predicated upon previous actions, is this cause for alarm? Read more

Spatsby is a big time believer. And he’s just found a new doctrine that can help keep everything in his worldview consistent. Read more

Tim, the pervert tree, is at it again! Here the majestic Tim reflects on his life and past attempts on it. All in all, it’s been pretty hot. Read more

Blinky is a classic overthinker. The trouble is, sometimes overthinking might be onto something. Is it better to act impulsively and be wrong or be paralyzed by indecision? Read more

Blinky takes a saunter on the pier to inquire of his good friend, Eleanor, if she would be interested in viewing a classic film. Read more

You know the deep existential depression that sets in after looking at your phone screen for 2 or 3 hours too long? That’s not good for you. Read more

Luna the mad scientist stands in the rain waiting for the bus to take her to work. But today is no ordinary day. No. Today is something magical. Read more

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