The Sandman vs. Insomnia

The Sandman is here to send little Blinky off to dreamland. But is the Sandman and all his sleepytime magic any match for insomnia? Read more

Relax and the Let the Water Hit You

Just because Sal is a morose, cranky guy doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to relax and let the mind wander and refresh itself. Read more

Neil DeGrasse Bison

Luna’s taking a break to give Neil DeGrasse Bison the chance to share some of his thoughts on the current science of the grasslands. Read more

So What’s Your Defense Mechanism?

Science specialist, Luna, gives the lowdown on the various defense mechanisms of the main characters of the Blinky & Sal universe. Read more

It’s All in Your Head

At a friendly barbecue, Blinky begins to contemplate the possibility and implications of solipsism. Don’t worry, kids. It’s all real. …or is it? Read more

Thoughts and Prayers and Todd’s Plan

In the wake of tragedy, Spatsby prays to Todd Almighty for help and guidance. The trouble is sometimes Todd works in mysterious ways. Read more

When Your Friends Are Even More Depressing Than You

Blinky the Bat is looking for sympathy on a dreary day from Eleanor the Narwhal. I think we all have friends like this. We probably need each other. Read more

Another Thanksgiving Cut Tragically Short

I like Thanksgiving. I do. I love getting together to celebrate family and eating turkey and mashed potatoes. Christmas needs to wait it’s turn. Read more

Feeling Antsy

When life feels like a daily, toilsome struggle full of trials and troubles, just think about our old friends the ants. And how we’re not so different. Read more

The Matrix: Revelations

Gods? Other dimensions? Brains in vats? Alien experiments? Blinky the bat ponders the nature of reality and his place in it. Read more

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