Is Pluto a planet or not? Find out today on Blinky and Sal with extra special science guest, Neil DeGrasse Bison. Get your science on! Read more

Eleanor the depressed narwhal dials the help hotline in search of some answers to what exactly is going on around here. You know. Everywhere. Read more

Ever dogmatic, Spatsby, tries to reassure Blinky that there is nothing to be done regarding guns in America…except consume more. Read more

Death. Whether you think you’re going home to meet your maker or that your organic material simply returns to the earth to make something new, we all have ways of understanding mortality. Read more

Wandering the woods, our ever optimistic protagonist, Blinky, enjoys the opportunities to share his adventures with all his friends via social media. Read more

Blinky wonders and Spatsby has answers. Believe it all with or without good reason or you’ll be sorry. Thus saith holy deity, Todd. Read more

Sal uses his inestimable powers of cantankerousness to attack anything and everything in his sights. Don’t you dare tell him he can’t. Read more

Ever intrepid and inquisitive Blinky skips and sings gaily through the meadow, feeling fully content and happy with absolutely nothing and zero self doubt brooding beneath the surface whatsoever. Read more

Blinky and Eleanor think about a recent tragedy when they are reminded it’s OK to be sad, but don’t talk about it because it may hurt the feelings of the people who matter most: gun owners…for some reason. Read more

Longtime friends, Blinky and Sal, paddle a canoe through the mighty Adirondacks (probably—it doesn’t matter). Watch as they take in their surroundings. Read more

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