Who Watches the Neighborhood Watchmen?

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Every so often I stumble across news stories of neighborhood watch types mucking up the day of people minding their own business.

Now I may not believe in Islam anymore than I believe in Christianity or Judaism, but I do believe that a person’s individual dignity should be held separate from whatever beliefs they hold inside their head (or whatever beliefs you may assume they hold).

To poorly paraphrase Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Muslims, just as Christians, are diverse.

I take this to mean that one can object to an ideology but still see its practitioners as individuals that hold unique thoughts and convictions. Despite the brainwashing potential of religion, this is very often the case.

For many in the United States, their introduction to Islam was September 11. And for many folks in the Middle East, their introduction to the USA was decades of coups, tanks, and drone strikes. Rough PR on all sides.

I get how unreasonable it may seem to folks on either side of this for me, a cartoonist, to say, “Hey, look. People are people and generally just want to feel safe and to take care of their families.” That can sound crazy and insensitive if you’ve been personally attacked by terrorists waving the banner of a foreign religion or by the military might a foreign government. I get it. And I’m telling you it is perfectly normal to be wary of religions and governments (foreign or otherwise), but personal interaction between individuals is inherently different and it is in this space where some bridges may be built and wounds healed.

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