Video Reveals The Antichrist Hovering Above Los Angeles


When I was a kid, two of my favorite movie’s were E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. My favorite television shows were Nimoy’s In Search Of, and Project Blue Book. Do you see a theme? Because of all of this, every light in the sky was an alien spacecraft. I was evidence that [Read More...]

New Bible App Makes It All About You


When I was a believer, I was amazed that so many of my brothers and sisters knew nothing about the Bible. Very few had read it cover to cover, and what they did read, was presented in a piecemeal fashion in sermons and devotionals. Sadly, this was even more true among the “I’m not religious, [Read More...]

Equal Time: The Manifestation of the Flying Spaghetti Monster


Jehovah repeatedly hogs the PR spotlight by placing images of Jesus in various places. This is why I wrote last week about Allah’s message written billions of years ago upon the surface of Pluto. Likewise, it is why I have decided to give equal time to all the other deities. Last week, when BP turned over a video [Read More...]

Renaming Pluto “The Moon of Muhammad”


For years now, we have known that Jehovah likes to superimpose images of Jesus on random pieces of toast and in the occasional stain. But now he’s going to have to kick up his game. According to UK’s, the Mirror, Allah has placed a message for us upon Pluto which was revealed by an ISIS [Read More...]

Pat Robertson Represents Typical Views of Evangelical Grandparents


One of the most frequent questions “newer” atheist parents ask me, has to do with proselytizing grandparents. While it is a noble aim to allow your kids to make up their own minds about god(s) and religion, ti is also important to realize that children can be easily influenced by those they love. For those who come from traditional religions, it may be [Read More...]

Comic: Free Will In Heaven?

Click Image To Open Full Comic

A few months back I had some fun asking questions about a video tour through Hell. One example, “Wouldn’t Hell be like a hot tub, and you would get used to it after a while?” One thing I forgot to ask has to do a little more with those who are lucky enough to make it into [Read More...]

Evangelicals Are Wondering If Pope Francis Could Be the Antichrist


The Drudge Report recently posted the picture at the top of this article with a link to a Charisma News article that read: POPE FRANCIS ANTICHRIST? Underneath this link were the words, “Stand on Islam, capitalism, New World Order fuel chatter…” The connected article, written by Charisma’s senior editor, Jennifer LeClaire, asks if Pope Francis [Read More...]