Michele Bachmann: The Coming Destruction Is Reason To Celebrate!


Yesterday’s post about the Presidential candidates confusion about the age of the Earth, garnered the usual negative feedback. Why should we care? What does religion have to do with politics? What about the separation of Church and State? After it was posted, I added an addendum with links to two recent articles explaining why these beliefs actually [Read More...]

Republican Presidential Hopefuls Are Not Sure About The Age of The Earth

Credit: John Valley, University of Wisconsin

Scientists might not always agree on the exact date, but there is pretty much a consensus on the age of the Earth. The debate that remains is to whether it is 4.4 to 4.54 billion years. Sorry Ken Ham, there is no valid data which suggests it is much younger. Back in February, Livescience.com reported that a [Read More...]

Idiot Anti-Christians Deface a Chick-Fil-A Office


So, it seemed odd to a few that I wrote a seemingly positive article about Glenn Beck with: Tim Ferriss Interviews Glenn Beck and Sets an Example. First off, these individuals must have brought a lot of mental baggage to their reading. And secondly, these people need to reexamine their goals. Are we trying to [Read More...]

Remembering Christopher Hitchens on Hitchens’ Day


As this April 13th comes to an end, I want to take a moment and say happy Hitchens’ Day to you all. Words can never express how personally indebted I will always be to Hitch. I didn’t always agree with him, but I was blown away with how he could turn a phrase, and was in continual awe of his near [Read More...]

The Last Days: Recent Proof That the End Is Nigh

Nick Jesus

As expected, several of you believe I was overreaching with my “How Religious Beliefs Can Threaten Progress and Perhaps Our Existence” post. I tried to deflect some of this with my “sky is falling” sarcasm at the end, but still, some aren’t buying it. Therefore, I thought it would be fun to present to you a list of [Read More...]

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Tim Ferriss Interviews Glenn Beck and Sets an Example


Yesterday, I posted the following Tweet: Very moved by @tferriss' interview of @glennbeck. Modern woes may demand unorthodox cooperation http://t.co/RCxS2Gf7vs — BrotherRichard (@BrotherRichard) April 11, 2015 It being a beautiful relaxing and contemplative Sunday in Georgia, I thought I might elaborate. I have been an admirer of Tim Ferriss’ for many years now. I have [Read More...]

How Religious Beliefs Can Threaten Progress and Perhaps Our Existence


What’s the big deal? So what? Why can’t we all just get along? How does my religious belief hurt you? How many times have you heard these questions? How many times have you been told that you must “respect” another person’s religious belief? While I’m usually a “peace and love” type of guy, I clearly [Read More...]

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