Inspiration: Carl Sagan was right “We are made of Starstuff.”

SOFIA data reveal warm dust (white) surviving inside a supernova remnant. The SNR Sgr A East cloud is traced in X-rays (blue). Radio emission (red) shows expanding shock waves colliding with surrounding interstellar clouds (green).Credit: NASA/CXO/Herschel/VLA/SOFIA-FORCAST/Lau et al.

Universe Today has described the recent findings of NASA’s airborne observatory, SOFIA, as more proof that Carl Sagan was right: “We are made of starstuff.” For those who don’t know, Sagan made this statement in his best-selling book Cosmos: All the elements of the Earth except hydrogen and some helium have been cooked by a [Read More...]

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson says if an atheist family is raped and killed, they would discover right and wrong


Right Wing Watch has just released audio of a speech the patriarch of Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson, made at the Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast. During the speech, in an attempt to imply that there is no “right and wrong” for atheists, Robertson offers a scenario in which an atheist father would have a wakeup call. [Read More...]

Benny Hinn suffers heart attack and I suspect Ted Cruz is to blame


The Christian Post is reporting that televangelist Benny Hinn has suffered a heart attack. Of course, I would never wish anyone any harm, but the irony speaks for itself. All we can do is wish for his speedy recovery, and collectively ponder how, the world’s most famous “faith healer” could suffer such a thing. Here’s [Read More...]

Oklahoma bans atheist marriages and lawmakers prove their ignorance of American history


UPDATE AFTER POST WAS MADE: For the record, it should be pointed out that atheists and others still can get married in Oklahoma, House Bill 1125 changes the requirements for recognizing clergy and all marriage licences will now have to be issued by clergy and not the state. However, there is no requirement for the [Read More...]

He Was a Teenage Atheist and Other Little Known Facts about St. Patrick


I know it is unlike me to make two posts in one day, but my first one, “Evangelical megachurch alters celibacy requirements for gay and lesbian members,” had nothing to do with St. Patrick’s Day, and my Irish Catholic ancestors were rolling over on their blissful bar stools. Now, most of the atheists I know [Read More...]

Evangelical megachurch alters celibacy requirements for gay and lesbian members


The Christian Post is reporting that City Church, San Francisco’s largest evangelical megachurch, has lifted the requirement for gays and lesbians to first commit to a life of celibacy before being allowed to join their congregation. Senior Pastor Fred Harrell Sr. posted a letter on the church website stating that it took the Elders nine months [Read More...]

The Vatican Bank Exposed: Doing Business with Nazis and the Mafia


I always say that Godfather II is my favorite movie of all time, and my second favorite is the first Godfather. While, like almost everyone else, I was disappointed by Godfather III, it did have some redeeming qualities. First off, I think it would have been a great movie if Francis would have cast anyone else to [Read More...]