Adolf just loves his Playmobile Martin Luther Action Figure!


Someone please help me get one of these! Playmobil has created a tiny Martin Luther figure to celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation (which does not occur until 2017). The happy little Luther even comes with a quill and German language Bible. What’s not to love? Unfortunately, the first edition had a limited [Read More...]

Judge rules to allow atheist to have ‘reason station’ in city hall


The Detroit Free Press is reporting a federal judge’s ruling that if a church is allowed to have a “prayer station” inside the city hall of Warren Michigan, then an atheist can have a “reason station” there as well. While these tit for tat tactics for equality have been successful, I’m beginning to question their [Read More...]

Transgender Issues with Bruce Jenner, Ken Ham, and Pope Fransis


The tabloids are fervently anticipating the next chapter of the train wreck which is the Kardashians. Sadly for them, Bruce Jenner (the “man’s man” of the 1976 Olympics), is still recovering from his car crash, and this has caused his sex change surgery to be delayed. Likewise, the rubberneckers will be forced to wait a [Read More...]

Why it is imperative to acknowledge the Islamic extremest element of ISIS


Over the past few weeks I have been asked several times, why I consider it is so important to not disengage the religious motivations from the acts of terrorism committed by Islamic extremists. I am sure many of these inquirers would agree with US Attorney General, Eric Holder, who at a press conference, expressed that [Read More...]

Sagan, The Pale Blue Dot, and Valentine’s Day


While we were all succumbing to the commercialized pressure of providing a physical example of love to our significant others, February 14, 2015 was the anniversary of very significant event that holds a very dear place in many of your hearts. It marked the 25th anniversary of Voyager 1’s iconic snapshot of our Solar System [Read More...]

“New atheism” has nothing to do with violence

Brother Richard New Atheists

I am not sure if she wants her full name mentioned, but thanks to Anne for creating this picture from my previous post “Separating “new atheism” from the murderous crimes of Craig Stephen Hicks.” Feel free to share it, but I recommend linking to the below posts. The media has gone on to focus on the attacks [Read More...]

Separating “new atheism” from the murderous crimes of Craig Stephen Hicks


The links between Craig Stephen Hicks’ atheism, and his murder of three Muslim students, continue to be a focus of many media outlets. The Washington Post declares that the killings “shine a light” on the tensions “between Islam and atheism.” The BBC reports that the FBI will be investigating whether “any federal laws were violated” [Read More...]

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