Alan Greenspan's Atheism Caused Financial Collapse.

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Quick, someone call President Obama! The godly folks of have accomplished what all those highfalutin financial advisers could not. They found the cause of the global economic crisis:

We think it is relevant and important to understand that Alan Greenspan is a devout Atheist. More importantly his belief system can be directly connected to the financial meltdown. Many people are not aware that Alan Greenspan was a disciple of Ayn Rand and a member of her group known as the “Collective“. After earning his Masters in `1950, Greenspan became a 20-year associate of famed philosopher Ayn Rand, author of books “The Virtue of Selfishness”, “Atlas Shrugged”. Greenspan wrote for Rand’s newsletters and authored a chapter for a Rand book.

Ayn Rand, well known atheist, and famous author is also renowned for her central role in the creation of the philosophy known as “Objectivism. This philosophy espouses a deep commitment to atheistic values, celebrates the virtue of the individual and, despises government regulation of any kind other than for crime control. She has said “Money is the barometer of a society’s virtue.” She also said about religion that “it was untrue in all its manifestations and that its consequences were disastrous.”

Yep, you read it right. Mr. Greenspan’s atheism sent the world’s financial markets to Hell in a hand basket. Just like the evil atheistic communists destroyed the USSR. (Ignore the fact that objectivism and communism as polar opposites.)

We gave the keys to the store to a man deeply committed to Atheism and money as virtuous and he went out and bankrupted the country. would love to have had a moment with Mr. Greenspan, at the recent Congressional hearing. We would have asked him to first pull a dollar out of his wallet and then we would have asked him to comment on the well known words found on the currency. We would have liked to hear his “marbled mouthed” comments about the words everybody is familiar with, except it seems Alan Greenspan, and those words are “In God We Trust”
As Alanis Morrisette sang ” Isn’t it ironic don’t you think”. The Trustee of “In God We Trust” was an Atheist.

Had we, our elected leaders, simply asked Mr. Greenspan, years ago, if he believed the United States was a nation under God, perhaps we may not be in the financial catastrophe we find ourselves today. Turns out the “consequences’ of Atheism and not religion were disastrous.

The Atheists have had their turn and they have wrecked the country. says – Never again, absolutely never again. Alan Greenspan’s Atheism is relevant and without question was a major contributor to the financial collapse. Atheism has received a free pass for too long. We need to push back and push back hard. No more hand wringing about rewriting the Pledge of Allegiance. The Atheists have had their run.


Atheist leadership has brought our country to near ruin. Help push back against the influence of Atheism in our government, in our Schools and our in Courtrooms. Please forward this article to people who want to join the fight.


Side note: You don’t capitalize the word atheism or atheist.

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