CNN Coverage of AU Graduation Ceremonies Lawsuit

The below CNN video covers the Americans United for Separation of Church and State lawsuit (available here) filed in federal court in an attempt to block Wisconsin public schools from holding graduation ceremonies in churches. 

Embedded video from CNN Video

Earlier this month, A young woman in Texas started a discussion on this very topic on Atheist Nexus. Perhaps she and many others could file similar lawsuits.

Since I have lived in the state of Georgia, I don’t think my kids have ever had an important school ceremony that wasn’t in a church. While there is never any prayers or anything “religious,” I know it is awkward for the Muslim, Hindu, Jewish and nontheist families. 

I support this lawsuit wholeheartedly, however in most rural communities there are no alternative venues large enough to host these ceremonies. Perhaps municipalities could start taxing churches (as they do other businesses), and use the money to build community centers. Or, we could just continue living with xenophobic tribalism.

Brother Richard

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