Howard Stern On Gay Marriage and Religion

Yesterday, Howard Stern and crew discussed gay marriage and had some interesting things to say about religion. Here’s a clip, and if you don’t know Stern, it is definitely NSFW:

This sparked some atheist friendly discussion on the website Since we seldom get good press, I thought I would include it here:

  1. and prithee, do you know any ‘anti-gay people atheists’? maybe because THERE AREN’T ANY. We’re all pro-gay, some of us are even gay ourselves.

    POSTED BY: BLAKE | APR 29, 2009 10:42:28 PM


  2. In my experience, atheists are VERY cool, and, ironically, more moral and ethical than the majority of religion-believing people.This is gonna sound weird, but I’m a huge fan of atheists even though I’m not technically one myself. I just don’t see someone else’s atheism as at all incompatible with my own beliefs. I otherwise see rationalism being so important for creating a peaceful, happy, and healthy world.

    Anyway, Stern’s comments are much appreciated. In years past I found him, well, crude; but apparently he definitely deeply understands certain things.

    POSTED BY: BHR | APR 29, 2009 11:17:47 PM



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  • Abigale Nott

    I like Judge Judy's often said quote that, "if it doesn't make any sense, it usually is not true." Well the bible does not make any sense.

  • Brazilian men

    Marriage is where you surrender your life to each other in front of God.