Introducing: NoGodTube!

Today a new project has been launched, NoGodTube. I would like to thank Hemant (The Friendly Atheist) for being the first to blog about it.

Here’s the details:

Technically, we are building a pretty good team to work on the site, but I am the one who has fronted all the money so far. I don’t mind people knowing I’m associated with it, but I don’t want it to be focused on one personality. It’s not “Brother Richard’s” or Atheist Nexus’s. It is something I wanted to provide for our community. I think one of the disadvantages of Nexus, is the perception that it is an exclusive community. I have tried pretty hard to not make it about me, but this hasn’t always been possible. No one knows who owns YouTube or Facebook.

Let it be clear that I don’t think this will be a huge money maker. If it breaks even, it will be a success in my mind. If anyone wants to get involved with design or money, I’m all for it. Also, I don’t for one moment expect someone to use NoGodTube exclusively. I would hope that they would post with us and on YouTube. It will be a great place to backup your videos in case you do get banned.

It should be pointed out that this idea has been bouncing around long before James Randi was banned from YouTube. It goes back to the GodTube days. Also, it is clear that Randi is just being polite in his response video. It is a quite common practice for the front man to be cordial and polite while his goons knock some heads. If he was not James Freaking Randi, and YouTube hadn’t received the hundreds of emails from all of us, he would still be banned. I’m sure you know that YouTube has a horrible history of banning nontheists. It has been quite normal for the YouTube Christians to file complaints against atheists as well.

With NoGodTube, we can continue to debate, but on our terms. Theists will be able to present their arguments based on reason, but if they disagree with our responses, they won’t be able to get us banned or flame us. Best of all, we can use NoGodTube to preserve our arguments for posterity.

Some may argue that we will be biased because of our name, NoGodTube. The way I look at it, the statement, “No God” is the default position. Just like “No Unicorns” is the default. The burden of proof is on the believer. In fact, using Carl Sagan’s statement, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence,” it is more important to claim “No God.” If we find out someday that there are unicorns, the impact on our daily lives would be much smaller.

To digress a little, I am sick and tired of nontheists making excuses for their lack of belief. We are constantly trying to divert attention from the “A Word.” We teach our kids to be tolerant of others, but imply that they should not be as zealous with their own beliefs. We should no longer be afraid. We need to destigmatize the word atheist. If you have no personal god, you are an atheist. This means most of you who call yourself agnostic, are actually atheists. A true agnostic is not someone who is not sure, but someone who thinks it is impossible to know whether there is a god(s).

NoGodTube will be in Beta for quite some time, so I hope everyone will be patient with us. If anyone would like to offer suggestions, help out with the design, or volunteer as a moderator, send us an email from the site’s  Contact Us page.

Brother Richard

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