The Atheism Examiner's Interview with Herb Silverman

Herb Silverman AAC00

Trina Hoaks, the National Atheism Examiner (and Atheist Nexus member), has made available her 5 part video interview with Herb Silverman, President of the Secular Coalition of America.

The following is an introduction Trina has written for Life Without Faith:

While attending the American Atheist convention earlier this month, I met hundreds of fascinating people… all atheists. The largest group of atheists I had been in prior to that totaled about 20. I really had no expectations, but I have to say, I was amazed at how friendly everyone was. I would say they were far more friendly than the general population. Perhaps I am biased.

I met everyday people as well as some “celebrities.” Some of the most notable people who I spent time with were Richard Dawkins, Herb Silverman, James Morrow, and David Silverman. That is not to say that they are the only ones who made impressions on me… that list would be too long. At any rate, I had the pleasure to interview some of them, including Richard Dawkins and Herb Silverman. My interview with Richard Dawkins was transcribed, whereas my interview with Herb Silverman was recorded. The videos of my conversation with Herb are hosted safely by NoGodTube.

I had an amazing time and urge anyone who has the chance to go next year to do so.



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