Did John Lennon sell his soul to Satan?

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In the new book, The Lennon Prophecy, author Joseph Niezgoda claims John Lennon, sold his soul to Satan so he could be more famous than Elvis for 20 years.

He also claimed that it was 20 years later that Mark David Chapman killed Lennon.

Mix these stories with Chapman’s claim that he was full of demons and had them cast out in prison, Lennon’s claim that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus, the anti-religious song Imagine,  and Lennon’s propensity for mocking Christianity, and you have a conspiracy theory that would make Dan Brown roll his eyes.

Whether Lennon thought any of this was true, doesn’t really matter to me. I would still love his music.  God Darwin knows, he did enough drugs to believe he actually talked to God or Satan.  

Possibly even more silly, the site Creation Tips, wants you to doubt, not the claims of Niezgoda, but the false promises of Satan.

Lest anyone reading this gets the idea that they too can have wealth and riches for 20 years by selling their soul to Satan, consider this.

If you are not saved and on your way to Heaven, Satan generally couldn’t care less about you, because he already knows you are on your way to Hell without giving you anything. It would be a rare circumstance indeed that he would give you the time of day. And even if he promised you something, the Bible exposes him as the Father of Lies and a murderer from the beginning (John 8:44). He will double-cross you and arrange for your death rather than do anything for you.

Unfortunately, there will always be suckers for Satan who will erroneously trust him to feed their greed. But he has shown since the days of Adam and Eve that he cannot be trusted.

It’s a shame they don’t even have drugs to blame for their hallucinations.

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