Atheist News Podcast: Episode 7


“I am praying that Wiley Drake gets a venereal disease.”

The seventh episode of the Atheist News Podcast has posted.

Brother Richard is kickin’ it with me as we bust out some news:

First of all, I need the wilting power of your prayers: help me give Wiley Drake gonorrhea. We learn that good girls aren’t all that good and that–while the church is totally willing to help you out if you bang a couple of toddlers–if you f#%k with their money and they will own you. Newsweek grows a sack this week and calls Oprah on her bullshit, EA finally does something that ALMOST makes up for screwing up Spore, San Francisco rolls the Vatican out of town and the Raelian’s do some more weird shit. But hey, they don’t cave people’s heads in with rocks. Not yet, anyway.

Also: go join Atheist Nexus, join the Atheist News Group and friend me. Richard has 398 friends. If my posse jumps on there, I should have him beat by several thousand within the week. CRUSH HIM, MY MINIONS.

Also also: Richard wants you to know that he’s a smarmy bastard. And… his blog is back in full effect. You can also check out his new project No God Tube.

Want to participate? Join the Atheist News Group (and friend me too).

Remember, as always, it is NSFW.

Download Episode 007

Brother Richard

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