Atheist News Podcast: Episode 8


“You’ll need a Brillo pad to scrub it off your brain”

The eighth episode of the Atheist News Podcast has posted.

Once again Brother Richard joins me as we trek from the depths of dumb to the shining peaks of awesome.

First of all, just don’t go to the website that I mention during this podcast. If you do, make sure there are no children around. Seriously. The show title is a hint as to why.

During our news segment: reasons why I’d kick a Muslim person off a bus, what Jesus and firearms have in common, Fahrenheit four-fifty-dumb (ZING!) a moral leader of the church tries a new angle on his little “kid rape” problem. Also–the Church still maintains that even after being blamed for 1000’s of child abuse cases, they are still #1 when it comes to educating your child, Orthodox Jew’s figure out something new that they can do with their mouth, and gay people, pay attention: we cover the absolute worst way to endear yourself to the general public.

Seriously though, don’t go to that website. It will only end in tears.

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Remember, as always, it is NSFW.

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Brother Richard

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