Einstein, Evil, and Religious Education

The Republic of Macedonia’s Ministry of Education and Science has produced this intriguing video about Albert Einstein and the existence of evil:

First, I should point out that the Einstein story this video is based on never happened

Second, I’m not sure what disturbs me more. It’s bad enough a government agency chose to promote education based on a debunked rumor, but to end the ad with the words: “Religion is science too,” and “Bringing religion studies back to our schools,” just might be worse.

Thirdly, the video wrongly concludes that the opposite of evil is God (or religion). The opposite of Satan might be God, but the opposite of evil is good.

Avoiding the tired argument of where we get our morals, let me tell you why I was inspired by this video. Just as cold is the absence of heat, and darkness the absence of light, I do believe evil is the absence of good. And the only way we will be able to end the evilness so prevalent in our world, is to overwhelm it with the presence of goodness.

I have no problem with schools offering classes on religious studies. Religion was mankind’s first attempt to answer life’s moral questions (like alchemy was a precursor to chemistry and astronomy to astrology). However, societal advancement will be better served by teaching our children, not religion, but philosophy and ethics. Just as the medical community must not only spread health by promoting disease healing, but preventative medicine and wellness.

Also, teaching our kids to, “Be Good For Goodness Sake,” is a great way for us to take an offensive stance in the world, and not always be stuck defending ourselves for what we do not believe. 

Brother Richard

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