Rev. Rob Schenck Anoints Sotomayor Confirmation Room

Don’t worry, God can now get involved in the Supreme Court nomination process.

Faith and Action’s Rev. Rob Schenck has anointed with oil the doors of the US Senate room where the hearing for Judge Sonia Sotomayor will take place. Here’s the video:

To show he is a nice guy, and culturally sensitive, Rev. Schenck said this:

In respect for Judge Sotomayor’s strong Catholic background, I used oil specially formulated for this purpose. It was also blessed by a Catholic priest at the St. Francis Monastery here in Washington, DC.

The very oil is pictured below:

Now to cover all the bases we need to get someone to sacrifice a chicken or a goat. Hell, the Supreme Court is a big deal. Maybe, we could justify sacrificing a virgin. Quick someone scour the streets of DC for a teenage girl wearing a purity ring.

Brother Richard

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