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If, like me, you are tired of nontheist organizations doing nothing other than filing lawsuits and releasing statements to the press, you should consider donating to the new nonprofit organization: Foundation Beyond Belief. Its founder, and Executive Director, is parenting guru, and fellow Atlantan,  Dale McGowan.

The Foundation goal is to highlight ten charitable organizations four times a year and to transform the popular perception of secular humanism.

From Dale:

Members join the Foundation by signing up for a monthly automatic donation in the amount of their choice, then set up personal profiles to indicate how they would like their contribution distributed among the ten categories. Maybe you’d like to give 25 percent each to human rights, poverty, education, and the environment. We’ll distribute it accordingly. By year’s end, you will have helped support a dozen organizations in the areas you care most about.

To accomplish all of this, we need a world-class web center—not just a “brochure” site with a donation button, but a touchpoint and resource center for a vibrant and engaged community of humanists.

The site will include detailed information about featured organizations, a forum and social network for members to debate, investigate, and help select future beneficiaries, an invitational blog on humanism and philanthropy, and profiles to allow members to distribute their monthly donations among the causes as they see fit.

So—IF you support this idea, and IF you can spare the shekels, please take a moment to help create this Foundation by making a donation of any size in the sidebar.

Join me in donating to this great cause.

Brother Richard

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