Two more videos of Hitchens and Wilson

NEW YORK - APRIL 09:  (FILE PHOTO) Radio show ...Christopher Hitchens and Pastor Douglas Wilson continue their media tour promoting their new Documentary film: Collision. I posted two of their previous appearances (here and here). Today, I give you their two most recent appearances. Both of these programs gave the men more air time. This is great because they have more time to develop their arguments.

I keep posting about these two because I really like their communication styles. Most debates are so formated that no real dialog takes place. We get a five-minute speech, a five-minute response, and a two minute follow-up. It is quite different with these two. Both men are polite to each other, and actually have a honest conversation. For those of us who live in religious communities, we can glean some invaluable ways to explain our beliefs (or lack thereof) to our neighbors and families.

CNN Headline News: The Joy Behar Show:

Fox Business Channel’s Imus In The Morning (two parts):

Part 1

Part 2

I have ordered my DVD and should be receiving it soon. I’m going to study it like I’m take a class, and you should as well.

Brother Richard

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