Will Glenn Beck be remembered as a nut job?

I am soooo relieved.

As you know, I am a harsh critic of Glenn Beck, and have often referred to him as a wacko. Apparently, he’s okay with that.

We’ve all seen this picture from the days when President Obama was a professor:

Well, on his Fox show today, Beck used this picture as the foundation of his newest conspiracy theory. Glenn claims that in it, Professor Obama was teaching his students about Socialism, the “redistribution of wealth” and the greatness of Saul Alinsky. How he came to this conclusion was not real clear, but that didn’t matter. Beck said, if he was wrong about these things:

.. then all the things I talk about are nonsense. And I’ll go down in the history books as a complete nut job that was totally wrong. And I’m perfectly fine, perfectly fine, being remembered by that in history. I hope to be wrong.

Wow. It is such a relief to know that I no longer need to worry about hurting Glenn’s feelings, and I don’t have to feel bad about posting this picture:


That feels good.

Brother Richard

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