Atheist News Podcast Episode 20


“The Etiquette of Killing Gentile Babies”

The twentieth episode of the Atheist News Podcast has posted.

It’s the Atheist News Podcast with Me and “Bro-Ro” again this week. Did you know that Snoop Dogg was going to be fronting for his own brand of GPS? I didn’t. Richard really does have his finger on the pulse of America. Well, Christmas is coming, so inevitably, we talk about that a bit–as well as all the rest of the Holidays. Things sure do get sticky for us non-believers this time of year, don’t they? Christmas and atheism are not good bedfellows. Oh well, I like it anyway. Ho, ho, ho.

In the news: Kosher Killing–The do’s and don’ts of slaughtering the innocent, Jew vs. Hipster throwdown, “Yes, Virginia… There is no God,” Why we have a federal constitution, Moses the holy cow and the effing CHRIST-mas tree.

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