Atheist News Podcast Episode 22



The twenty-second episode of the Atheist News Podcast has posted.

Richard is back from the “Heads VI” meeting and we talk a bit about what went on during this pow-wow of the high muckity-mucks of atheism. We didn’t have a whole lot of time to spend on it during the show, but I promise we’ll get Richard either on the Chariots of Iron podcast or on a special “extra” edition of the Atheist News Podcast to talk more about the meeting.

As an extra-special treat during our closing credits, ALROmega agreed to let us turn you out with a cheeky little track he just dropped called “Original Front Hug.” [NSFW] which includes a shout out to Atheist News! BAM.

And probably not something you want to let your kids listen to, but if they are already listening to the damn show I don’t suppose that they have much of their innocence left to tear away from them… so uh…

Atheist News this week: Irish posse isn’t going to take this shit lying down, Jesus battles the living dead, Bloomberg finally starts pandering to us, the BHA also isn’t going to take this shit lying down, tickets to heaven, I am tired of Uganda, crazy prophet should have seen this coming and DON’T GO TO DUBAI. SERIOUSLY, DON’T.

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Remember, as always, it is NSFW.

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Brother Richard

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